2 April 2019

JetStyle on Dribbble or picking out raisins from a raisin bread


One of the pleasant memories of childhood is a loaf of raisin bread.

The bread itself could be anything, as for kids it wasn’t as interesting as the raisins inside. Because the most fun was to pick out raisins from a sliced loaf of raisin bread with your tiny fingers and eat them all with hot tea.

When we talk about our case studies, we try to fully describe the solutions: how we understood and solved the problem, what was inside, what results were achieved, and so on. But it often happens that when covering the whole picture, we forget to tell about the nice little details that were in the project and sometimes didn’t get into its final version.

And so we decided to start posting on Dribbble in order to pick out all our “raisins” from the projects and show them to you.

There is nothing unnecessary, only the yummiest stuff. Come join us on Dribbble!

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