Mobile app

with augmented reality
for Grott Brewery Bar

See the crab?


The Grott Brewery Bar opened in Yekaterinburg in the spring of 2016 and positions itself as a Scandinavian brewery with the proper food. The guys make sure their food tastes amazing and do their best to surprise the guests and make their stay in the restaurant even more interesting and comfortable.


To create a mobile app that would make Grott Bar stand out from the other restaurants and create a "wow" effect.


We decided to add some magic so that the guests would study the menu and the variety of beer in full detail before the waiter arrives. And all this with the help of the app with AR, of course!

Work process

We’ve been a fan of augmented reality for a long time – we’ve developed several apps with AR and AR-posters. So we picked this technology again to show the main menu items as accurately as possible.

Для привязки дополненной реальности нужен хороший

In order for the magic of augmented reality to work, the phone camera needs to recognise the marker object – a beer coaster that is always presented on every table. When you look at it, there are four different types of beer appear on one side of it, and the main dishes – on the other one.

Виртуальное пиво
и еду мы сделали
по разным технологиям.

We made a 3D beer – drew a model, and then added some texture and lighting. To make the beer look realistic, we photographed a dozen of glasses from different sides. All sorts of beer from the menu can be seen at any angle.

Food in 3D

In order for the food to look appetising, we went from standard 3D graphics to the technique which is closer to a photo shoot. We took photos of the dishes on a turntable – 74 frames per circle – and glued images into one. This approach provides a more detailed picture than expensive and time-consuming 3D.

The app’s features


The menu in the app is integrated with the website so that all the content is loaded from there.

Restaurant's new

We made a convenient admin area so that the owners of the restaurant could easily publish all the news and updates themselves.

Book a table

Users leave their name and phone number, and the booking request arrives straight at the restaurant’s e-mail.


What our client says

Why a mobile app?

When we were opening Grott bar, we wanted it to be a unique place in Yekaterinburg. We have our own brewery, where we make unique types of beer, our own food production, our own bakery, a unique approach to the service. And it seemed to us that having our own app would make us even more unique.

Why JetStyle?

We saw their works before and knew that they were high-level professionals. But we thought that the price would be way too expensive. However, it turned out, that it was very reasonable and competitive.

Anton Ozornov

General manager at Grott Bar

The Team

Darya Tsiranova


Mikhail  Singaevsky


Maxim Smirnov

Art director

Vitaly Semyachkin

Tech lead

Elena Dvoryashina


Ivan Knyazev

3D wizard

Alexander Kuzmin


Nikita Reshetnikov

Unity programmer

Ivan Ilin

3D artist

Alexey Markin

In charge of everything

Try our magic!

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