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Client’s testimonials

Last summer we contacted several major web studios in the city asking to make quotes based on our brief, including the amount of work and the deadlines for delivering a new corporate website for Deltaplan.

I must say that every studio that we invited demonstrated high competence, but it was JetStyle who were completely on the same page with us. The website development stage commenced in September. We presented the new website six months later, which was March. We spent yet another month chasing bugs we missed during staging and finalizing some aspects of usability. It was important that we stayed within the budget and the time allocated for project delivery.

All the tasks we set for JetStyle were accomplished. We've never heard anything like: "There is no way we can do it", instead, the answer was  "We'll figure out how we can do it." JetStyle earned our complete trust, and we are just as happy about that as the JetStyle guys are.


Deltaplan, the advertising agency