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Bomba is a Moldova-based marketplace of household appliances and electronics. Today they are the country’s top-of-mind e-commerce brand.


Until late 2019, Bomba’s website was used primarily as a shop window. Then the company started collaborating with sports goods and perfumery distributors. The e-commerce site needed to upgrade to a full-scale marketplace.

In 2020, when the pandemic completely changed the landscape of shopping, the task of boosting e-commerce activity became even more relevant.

At the presale level, we developed a concept of the main page, and since that JetStyle has become Bomba’s long-term web design partner.

We had to find solutions for the following problems:

According to Bomba’s analytics, 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices, so the company has to make the most out of this factor. How do we ensure perfect UX on mobiles?
How does Bomba react to the changes the pandemic introduces to shopping and interaction between people in general?
Bomba added partners’ goods to the assortment. How does the website adapt to the company’s growth and development?

JetStyle’s experience in e-commerce design + Bomba’s team expertise in the target market + global best practices.

Main page

Our primary task was to make the main page more personalized and engaging. Bomba offers a huge variety of goods, and it needs to be obvious from the first screen. The new design focuses on new goods, seasonal deals, and holiday promotions.


We completely redesigned the customer journey in the cart and simplified it. Our core task was to ensure nothing distracts the customer from completing the purchase or drives them away from the process.

Content design system

We also developed a a design system for banners on the website; the system provides recommendations on colors, fonts, images and layout of the promo materials. Following this system the client’s team can create promo content in-house, without hiring web design specialists.

Self-service terminal design

At the height of the pandemic, Bomba introduced self-service terminals into the shops, to ensure compliance with the pandemic regulations.

The interface of the terminal takes over the elements of the desktop and mobile versions of the website. We had a similar terminal in the office, so we had an opportunity to test the design: we paid attention to the font size, keyboard layout, finger navigation, searching, submitting and deleting data.

Grigory Koposov

Lead designer

Bomba and JetStyle are a dream team! They trust our expertise in e-commerce interface development, and we take into account their insights about the target market specifics. Our collaboration resulted in a truly seamless customer experience.

Immediately after launching the cart design in July 2021, Bomba started receiving positive feedback from the customers and the employees.

The design of the website is easily adapted to any device, including mobile devices – it was crucial to make navigation smooth on phones. This update reduced the workload of the call center and helped to cut costs.

Bomba regularly collects customer feedback and has impressive plans for further improvements of the customer experience. We’re happy to be by their side and support the product with our design expertise

Kate Sokolskaya

Project manager

During all the four years of our collaboration, I cannot but admire Bomba’s commitment to excellent customer service. They research their audience, test innovations and process huge amounts of data into clear and effective insights. They go above and beyond to provide top-level engagement and quality of goods. It’s a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team.

Grigory Koposov
Lead designer
Valentina Listopad
Artem Kupelsky
Art director, designer
Alena Levy
Kate Sokolskaya
Project manager
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