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AR campaign for a New Year project
Case study

Guys from JetStyle quickly found the solution to our complex task to create an engaging promotion campaign. The entire project was delivered just as planned. We launched the website and the contest on time, all the videos were produced strictly on schedule and the promotion was executed properly as well.

Ksenia Koshkina
Concept design, UX and web development for a clothing store
Case study

Working with JetStyle was a pleasure. The guys were able to quickly grasp the specifics of our business and suggest ways to modernize our infrastructure. Their experience with CRM integration turned out to be a huge plus during the launch and for debugging. The dedication of every team member ultimately helped launch our new website on time with all the features we needed. Thanks to JetStyle we'll grow our business even faster than before.

Evgeniya Galkina
Corporate identity package for an eco startup
Case study

I have been using JetStyle for a while now for my company’s design needs. They have a very structured approach and from the outset they make you really think about your business and the image which it is trying to portray. Their team of highly talented designers have decades of experience and It really shows when they send over the initial designers. Use JetStyle — they just get it!

Dr. Tahsin Choudhury
Net Zero Sustainability Services
Brand identity & promo materials for an IT startup
Case study

JetStyle's team is simply outstanding. Their enthusiasm, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail made working with them an absolute delight. They consistently went above and beyond, even when faced with tight deadlines, ensuring our projects were executed flawlessly. If you're seeking to elevate your brand to new heights, JetStyle is the perfect choice.

Ksenia Rudenko
Design & development for a jewelry brand
Case study

Working with JetStyle's web development team was impressive. They tackled our ambitious project of launching a revamped website in less than six months exceptionally well. Their expertise and system integration solutions, tailored to our unique workflow, were invaluable. JetStyle not only met our deadlines but also brought innovative ideas that significantly enhanced the project. We're grateful for their professionalism and problem-solving abilities. If you have ambitious web development tasks, we highly recommend JetStyle.

Maria Ryashko
Website, app and chat bot for pizza restaurants
Case study

Throughout the 4 years of our collaboration with JetStyle, we knew them to be hard-working, creative, and responsible guys with attention to detail. Although we all were in different geographic locations and time zones, remote work never was an issue. With the time we have achieved such level of symbiosis that they worked on our website as if it was their own.

Thank you Jet guys for the 4 years of mind-blowing, fantabulous, bombastic jet-action experience.

Natalia Parshikova
Papa Johns
Ad campaign, design, analytics for product pre-launch
Case study

JetStyle's product development and design teams are amazing! JetStyle uses a product development approach to everything, and it pays off: as a result of our campaign, we got tons of valuable information about our potential target audience. The way JetStyle organized the processes and conducted the campaign helped us not to spend resources in vain. Apart from their professionalism, I cannot but say that they are incredible in communication: impeccably thoughtful and easy-going.

Kseniia Sholina
VR ride around Scheveningen, the Netherlands
Case study

The collaboration with JetStyle on the Scheveningen VR Ride showcased their superior mastery in immersive tech. The achieved hyper-realism is a testament to JetStyle's skilful use of haptic feedback and multi-sensory integrations. They've created an intuitive, accessible experience that caters to all user proficiency levels. We witness unparalleled user engagement and financial triumph that secures Scheveningen Pier's place as a top VR destination.

Peter Hillebrands
A'DAM Lookout
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