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At JetStyle, we are ambassadors for the product development approach, as it has proven to be effective if you want to obtain tangible results quickly. We implement it for projects at any stage of development. During the development stage, we create the backlog with features that can greatly improve the quality of the product at later stages. Read a case study describing our work with Avgvst,
an international jewelry brand.


The team invited JetStyle to collaborate in the winter of 2023. At that time they were preparing to open their Berlin store later in May. Avgvst needed a website as the core sales tool, and by the time we joined the project, it was 90% ready. Our task was to improve the website’s performance and functionality and redesign it.

According to Avgvst's idea, the website was not going to be just another e-commerce platform. The company had a robust customer service system in mind, with offline and online stock management systems and several payment integrations.


We implemented the product development approach in its most classic form, tackling the most relevant issues at first and creating a backlog for future experiments.

Initially our job was to make sure the website was ready to launch together with the offline store. We separated the tasks into sprints and got down to work.

One of the main technical challenges was to build
the integration system: 2 payment systems, 2 CRM systems
and an ERP system.

The primary stage is always briefing and research. At first we thoroughly studied Avgvst’s business processes. It was crucial to visualize one coherent comprehensive system behind all processes. This step would help us come up with solutions to optimize it.

While choosing development tools, we always aim to select the most advanced programming technologies that would stay up-to-date in the future as well.

Our core aim here is to ensure cost-efficiency of the website’s maintenance in the post-production period. Apart from that, we want to avoid possible vendor lock-in, when the company is forced to continue using a tool because switching from it is impractical. That’s why we don’t implement any complicated custom frameworks, and only work with popular and accessible technologies. In this project, our choice has been NextJS, TypeScript and Tailwind. Thanks to this approach, it’s easier for our clients’ development teams to maintain the websites in the course of 3-5 years since the launch.


We started with the design made by contractors Avgvst had worked with before us. We implemented minor changes to the design system, as we were integrating it into the website canvas.

We started the work with a ready-made design system. Now, while the product is developing, we get customer feedback. As we process it, we implement some changes into the design. Together with Avgvst’s team we’ve set up an incredibly comfortable process of adapting the initial design and improving customer experience.


Thoughtful and effective communication is one of the core values of our product development approach. With the Avgvst team, we set up a robust backlog system that contains detailed information about all tasks, their development process and testing. This is convenient for both the developers and managers from the client side. The development process carries on in a non-synchronous and autonomous manner. The longer we collaborate with Avgvst’s team, the more effective the work estimation gets.

Roman Matveev

JetStyle's Project manager

During our collaboration, we’ve learned to really understand each other. Avgvst’s team and our team view the development process the same way. We are well aware of each other’s motivation. When you reach this level of understanding, you simply stop wasting time on irrelevant work, and just focus on creating awesome customer experiences together.

Another feature of communication in the product development approach is its close ties with the customer’s experience. If we get customer feedback that requires steering away from our initial concept, we simply correct our hypothesis and test it. Happily, Avgvst’s team is incredibly flexible, and guys are always eager to get client’s feedback, process it and implement it into the product quickly.


The MVP version of the website was launched in July. We’re now in the process of tracking user experience and adding new features.

Maria Ryashko

Avgvst’s project manager

Working with JetStyle's web development team was impressive. They tackled our ambitious project of launching a revamped website in less than six months exceptionally well. Their expertise and system integration solutions, tailored to our unique workflow, were invaluable. JetStyle not only met our deadlines but also brought innovative ideas that significantly enhanced the project. We're grateful for their professionalism and problem-solving abilities. If you have ambitious web development tasks, we highly recommend JetStyle.

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