New Year’s greetings with augmented reality for Microsoft

Microsoft wanted to wish their partners and clients a Happy New Year in a very special way, which would be both fun and technological.
We suggested using augmented reality to add some magic, festive spirit and a wow-effect to the greetings.

1. Greeting Cards

New Year is all about the festive spirit: happy kids, gifts, sparklers and fireworks, a Christmas tree, and a cheerful old man coming to the town riding on a turbo sleigh.
To dive into the holiday spirit, you will need just two things: a card from Microsoft and our mobile app.

2. Festive website

If the New Year's mail didn’t come on time and the recipient didn’t receive the card, they can still see our AR magic on Microsoft’s special festive website.

3. An edible AR cake

But that’s not all! Microsoft decided to go even further and created a real edible AR cake based on our greeting cards.
The picture on the cake, same as the visual on the card, was printed on an edible base using a special printer. The latest technology has allowed to achieve sufficient clarity of the edible image for our application to work.
Here is how it worked
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