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Net Zero Sustainability Limited
Corporate Identity Package Development
Our portfolio includes projects with clients from all over the globe.
For over 6 years now, JetStyle has worked with startups, state institutions, NPOs, businesses, and international organizations that develop green initiatives. We have got extensive experience in creating brand identity, UX/UI design and website interfaces for projects from various areas of sustainable development.
About Brand

This case study describes our work for Net Zero Sustainability Limited (NZS), a British company that provides consulting, advisory and assurance services for businesses. NZS entered the market with the mission to make “sustainability simple” and accessible to any company. Indeed, for many businesses it’s difficult to become green, because it requires changing operational processes and also mindsets. The NZS team have over 50 years of collective experience in consulting in Climate Change and Sustainability and they know how to ensure this process is seamless and profitable for their clients.

The ease and smoothness of reprogramming businesses into a more sustainable work mode is reflected in the company’s naming. ‘Net Zero’ is a buzz word for the industry these days; it means the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. All governments and companies strive to reach this balance globally.


The designing task for the JetStyle’s team was to convey NZS’s values visually through the logo redesign and to develop a brand identity package that includes letterhead, Powerpoint presentation templates, business card and email signature. The new brand identity would need to remain consistent with the existing color palette. The green industry implied absence of any heavy visual elements together with minimalism and stylistic excellence.


The most exciting part of the process was the logo development, because we needed to create the appropriate connotations with the color choice, size, elements layout and dynamics, imagery, etc.

From the start we chose circular shapes, as they tend to generate positive responses related to simplicity and sustainability. Next we worked on the composition, and the process resulted in adding the sun symbol and reflection of it in the water. Together with the NZS team, we managed to create a simple, yet balanced and stable composition that conveys the core idea and philosophy of the brand.

We added gradient colors into the logo to add more dynamics; but what’s more, the change of color tells a story of how the team at NZS adapts to the business needs of each of their clients. Flexibility and agility are in the brand’s DNA, and decades of consulting experience proves that.

To find and assess the best combination of the logo elements, the project’s team even conducted a series of brainstorming sessions with about 30 designers and art directors at JetStyle. We’re always looking for diverse opinions and qualified feedback as part of our creative process. That’s how we make the final product artistically impeccable and effective from the point of view of user perception. Our experience demonstrates that brand perception is a sensitive matter that is always hard to predict, that is why we spend so much time fine tuning the product.

Grigory Koposov

The project’s Lead Designer

Processing feedback is one of the most significant ways to achieve amazing results for our clients. Working with NZS was an incredible experience, and we're grateful for their dedication and commitment to the project.


This project is an outstanding example of powerful collaboration between our experienced designers, an open-minded client and an inspiring business idea. Now Net Zero Sustainability Limited uses their own distinctive brand identity that reflects all the company’s values.

Dr. Tahsin Choudhury

CEO, Founder of Net Zero

I have been using JetStyle for a while now for my company’s design needs. They have a very structured approach and from the outset they make you really think about your business and the image which it is trying to portray. Their team of highly talented designers have decades of experience and It really shows when they send over the initial designers.Use

JetStyle — they just get it!

Project’s Team
Net Zero Sustainability Limited client

Dr. Tahsin Choudhury

CEO and Founder

Marium Sherwani

Marketing Director

JetStyle agency

Grigory Koposov

Lead Brand Identity Designer

Kate Sokolska

Project Manager

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