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Whatever you develop, you need to make sure you deliver value from the earliest stages of the process.

Product development approach is all about experimenting and reality checking. It works great not only for product idea conceptualization. Product approach can maximize the success of the product launch. This is what we did for SPLU, an all-in-one platform designed to solve sleep-related problems.

Market Background

Research by consulting agency RSM shows a spike in consumer demand for health care apps and devices. Investment in digital health tech slowed down in 2022 due to economic turbulence, but demand remains strong. Wellness trends are shifting, at-home health care becomes a priority, so the market is looking forward to new devices and digital solutions.

These days people tend to have insomnia due to the high pace of their lives. Lack of sleep affects people’s quality of life and life expectancy. The global MedTech market offers technical solutions for this issue, their share being $ 518 bln. However, they all are narrowly focused and scattered.

SPLU is an all-in-one platform for sleep quality improvement developed for the UK market. It combines all necessary functionality and offers a whole range of services based on the user data:

Concierge service.
Online consultations with sleep doctors.
Mattresses manufactured in accordance with personalized recommendations.
Mobile app with useful content, sleep tracking and possibility to manage the smart mattress settings.

Usually in digital marketing, marketers do their best to narrow down the audience and reach the segment with the closest affinity index. For SPLU, we performed a reverse activity: wide coverage campaigns were launched to attract the largest possible amount of cheap cold traffic.

The goal was to analyze the data received during the campaign and see how people interact with different parts of the product. It would give SPLU’s marketing team a number of insights on the target audience: their interests, intents and behavioral patterns.


In order to launch the product successfully, before developing an MVP we had to understand:

Who the target audience are.
Which components of the product are the most attractive to the target audience.
The approximate CPA.

To help the SPLU team find answers to these questions, we needed to:

Develop several design variants for the landing pages that would inform people about the platform.
Attract traffic to these pages in order to collect leads for qualitative research based on in-depth interviews.
Analyze the promotion results and help the client select the narrative with the highest conversion rate as well as the functionality of the future MVP.

A landing page was developed along with hundreds of ad banners. The core message of the campaign was dedicated to the importance of sleep quality improvement.

The campaign brought in several thousands of new visitors unfamiliar with the brand. The campaign optimization score hit 93.5% with almost 1 mln views.

Website performance

The most traditional metrics when it comes to website analysis are conversion rate and page views. During the campaign, we deployed a complex system of analytics setup and measured how long people stay on each section of the landing page, including time spent on lists scrolling or interaction with the 3D design elements (e.g. clicking on the mattress image).

It became clear that among the most attractive services SPLU offers were smart mattresses and consultations with somnologists. This info gave way to future marketing hypotheses.


As for banners performance, the most clickable ones offered consultations with somnologists as well. It turned out that banners featuring smart mattresses and their advantages were not as popular as the client had initially thought. Thanks to the data, the SPLU team learnt that their core product, smart-mattress, requires longer communication with the audience to ensure the value is delivered.

The first campaigns consisted only of banners and showed a CTR of 1.2% in Google Ads Network, which is twice higher than the industry average (0.5%).

After we analyzed the general audience’s reaction to the SPLU’s product, we received a detailed and thorough description of the target audience. The outlined affinity categories now can be taken as basic settings for future campaigns as is. The major interests of the target audience included: food/dining/cooking, media & entertainment, news/politics, lifestyle & hobbies.

After analyzing and sorting out data on thousands of banners views, we highlighted several insights on the audience characteristics:

Men and women behaved differently: men demonstrated higher conversion rates and they were more likely to make an order quickly. It took women more time to make a decision about a purchase. This information requires further research, as it may provide an idea for gender-specific ad campaigns.
We managed to reach the correct segment of the audience, the high-income individuals. It also revealed the best placement options for the future marketing activity.
SPLU’s target audience showed a tendency to spend a lot of time on websites about art, celebrities and entertainment. Thus, the audience is likely to interact with native and influencer advertisements.
Surprisingly, the campaign helped to identify a new audience characteristics: people with gardening hobbies, and those interested in purchasing various gadgets for house upgrading. Initially, SPLU wanted to target people with sleep-related problems only. This information helped to correct ads positioning: insomnia-related messages would be irrelevant for smart gadget fans, so future campaigns needed differentiation between the two audience segments.
About the design
Even though the 3D scenes are rendered directly in the browser, they were made lighter to achieve optimal loading time.

Key Visual, 3D models and animation of various products (mattresses, duvets, pillows) were created. The KV featured a cartoon mascot, a sleep doctor. All the objects on the landing page are actual 3D models, not just pictures. They look realistic, one can turn them around by holding the cursor over them. SPLU’s tone of voice was the basis of the brand style design which turned out minimalistic and friendly.

Verge 3D technology was used to export models with animation and logic from Blender to the web. This tool allowed distributing tasks among the frontend developer and designer optimally, and saving time on programming.

In April 2023, the website won Honorable Mention at awwwards, the world’s top web design community.
As a result

The data-driven approach helped to:

Identify the parts of the product most relevant to the target audience,
Figure out the message with the highest conversion rate,
Select the functionality of the future MVP,
Describe the target audience in detail,
Generate 15 hypotheses for future marketing experiments. Each hypothesis became the basis of an experimental marketing campaign.
That wide reach campaign for SPLU gave a lot of information about potential target audience and their characteristics.

That wide reach campaign for SPLU provided quick and cheap traffic, which, with proper analysis, gave a lot of information about potential target audience and their characteristics.

The ad materials allowed people to express quick intent & interest, and the biggest challenge was to make conclusions and notice patterns out of a big array of data.

Another factor that made the process effort-consuming yet effective was that the campaign was launched at the zero level of the sales funnel; there was no information on whether the product was going to attract people’s attention at all. As a result, the target audience was described in detail and segmented. Several client’s initial hypotheses were corrected based on real behavioral data of the audience.

Kseniia Sholina

CEO, Co-founder of SPLU

JetStyle's product development and design teams are amazing! JetStyle uses a product development approach to everything, and it pays off: as a result of our campaign, we got tons of valuable information about our potential target audience. The way JetStyle organized the processes and conducted the campaign helped us not to spend resources in vain. Apart from their professionalism, I cannot but say that they are incredible in communication: impeccably thoughtful and easy-going.

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