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Web Design & Development & Logo Redesign
Even though the 3D scenes are rendered directly in the browser, they were made lighter to achieve optimal loading time.

Extra Axis develops VR games, VR worlds and environments, rides and attractions for entertainment clients around the globe. Extra Axis is JetStyle’s producer and long-term partner.


Extra Axis needed a complete website overhaul. As one of the first touch points in the sales process, the website must showcase their products and services and ultimately capture leads.

An emphasis had to be placed on high-quality 3D asset creation with superb development and delivery to stand out from the regular VR development studios. 

VR is better experienced first-hand. Especially in the entertainment industry. Reading about it or watching videos will never give the complete sense of immersion and excitement as experiencing it live in a headset. But here’s the tricky part.

How do you showcase Virtual Reality through a website, without VR?

The concept of the website is to highlight the VR content through all possible multimedia formats: assets, images, videos, 360° panoramas. To help Extra Axis promote their services  and to entice visitors to book a live demo, we created a content-centered website.

Here's what we did:

Content is king

Users scroll through the feed to learn about the variety of high-end international projects delivered. Visual multimedia (images, videos, 360° panoramas) prevail over text to ensure ease of perception.


Extra Axis and JetStyle are keen explorers of the innovations in the XR market. We’re always happy to experiment – because we’re deeply mesmerized by the new possibilities of extended reality. Thus the easy-going combination of italic, lower and upper cases in the headlines – to show off the rock-and-roll vibes of the brand.

Logo redesign

While working on the web design, we refreshed the logo as well.

XR technologies enrich the ways we interact with the world; it’s a truly innovative and progressive industry.

New logo of Extra Axis plays with the concept of an axis and the two Xs in the naming; we came up with a cropped orbit image.

Panoramic images

All sections of the website have 360° panoramas that exhibit what VR offers.

For example, one of Extra Axis’ services is the development of custom metaverses for businesses. It’s a great solution for remote teams: colleagues can gather for work meetings or staff parties, or invite their clients to demos. 360° panoramas show examples of virtual rooms for such events: VR conference rooms, lobbies, and spaces for more informal meetings: night beach, amphitheater, sky lounge, etc.


The website is built on Webflow from scratch by just two specialists: a designer and an art director. Webflow functions allowed us to create custom elements for viewing the 360° panoramas.

Konstantin Ostroukhov

Art Director

JetStyle and Extra Axis are fully on the same page. They trusted our vision, and we worked hard to meet their expectations – and here we go, we have a solid website that helps the client achieve their goals. We used advanced services, such as Webflow and Kuula, during the development & design process. They are awesome if you want to save time and money, and deliver great results.

Even though the 3D scenes are rendered directly in the browser, they were made lighter to achieve optimal loading time.

Now Extra Axis has an effective interactive tool for presenting VR services without VR. The contact form allows potential customers to get in touch with Extra Axis through any convenient method.

Natalie Taylor


JetStyle's visionary design approach transformed our online presence. The content-centered website they created not only showcases our products but also entices visitors to experience VR firsthand. It's a website that not only informs but captivates our audience.

Konstantin Ostroukhov
Art Director, JetStyle
Olga Stepanova
Designer, JetStyle
Natalie Taylor
CEO, Extra Axis
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