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We believe VR games should convey universal human values: leisure, healthy competition, active lifestyle.
Our new VR game Killer Tennis stands out from the abundance
of shooters.
It’s a great opportunity to experiment with the mechanics, lore, and distribution of the game.
Everything is possible in VR, so there’s no limit to the devs’ creativity. The experience has to be engaging and fun.
It should be family friendly —
no violence, guns, blood, etc.
A zero learning curve is crucial for games on LBE networks with per-minute fees. Your audience will not pay for complicated learning.
The game needs to provide a multiplayer experience.
Killer Tennis is an active sports game; a beautiful VR child of tennis and dodgeball. 2-4 players clash in a battle royale, aiming to knock each other out with tennis rackets and balls.
& come back to play
Game for 2-4 players
Game statistics
Players have their
fixed positions 

The action happens against a stylish synthwave background. 80-s fans will be thrilled by the retro-futuristic aesthetics and neon lights.
We wanted Killer Tennis to be fun and chaotic because in that case, it would be easier to provide high-level engagement and customer retention. That’s why we made some quirky alterations to the traditional tennis game mechanics. More about it:
Auto aiming feature
At first, we experimented with
a physical imitation of aiming.
It turned out potentially demotivating: it’s actually hard
to aim well if you’re not
a professional tennis player.
So we implemented automatic aiming to enhance player engagement and satisfaction.
Mastering the skill
During one round, players have
a chance to improve their tactics skills and unlock new mechanics. This ensures higher retention.
Returning the ball
You won’t get bored as you
and your partners pass the ball
to each other: the ball’s speed increases with each passing.
No chance of losing your concentration! 
Watch those icons floating around you – they could upgrade your racket. Or the ball. Or the whole gameplay and physics! Have you ever played tennis with a fish or a frying pan? 
All the assets are custom-made via Blender and Substance Painter. We aimed for excellent optimization and aesthetics.
3 captivating game levels:
Dozens of easy-to-get bonuses
As the game’s developers and producers, we aim to distribute Killer Tennis across the gaming platforms. Killer Tennis is adapted to commercial use on PC and stand-alone headsets; it collects all the statistics and provides smooth integration with the operator.
One of our biggest ambitions is to launch the game in the home market.
Killer Tennis has a great potential with stand-alone headsets – and we’re working on making it real. Home version of the game requires some fine tuning in terms of network optimization and game mechanics.
Alex Markin
Creative Director
Elizaveta Antipinskaya
Project Manager
Ivan Ilin
Lead 3D Artist
Nikita Reshetnikov
Lead Developer
Dmitry Poletaev
Anastasiya Vlasova
3D Artist
Anna Cheremnykh
VFX Artist
Ivan Knyazev
3D Artist
Artem Arakelov
Konstantin Ostroukhov
UX/UI Designer
Case Designer
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