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A'DAM Tower (A'DAM Toren) is a 21-storey building that will host the largest VR Game Park in Amsterdam.

We needed to make a VR attraction, that would allow visitors to ride through the most famous places in Amsterdam on a roller coaster in just 3.5 minutes with lots of special effects.

How we built

For this ride, we needed a detailed and realistic 3D model of 20 km² of the central part of Amsterdam. It was impossible to use ready-made solutions, so we did everything ourselves.

Buildings and streets

To make the city look realistic, we needed to model many buildings. We have worked out in detail the main highlights of the city and the main streets that our cart will pass through.

Buildings and city districts located in the background and not requiring detailed elaboration were generated based on open geodata from OpenStreetMap.


days per quarter


To create 3D textures, we used photographs of Amsterdam streets taken by us. We conducted several scouting sessions to take detailed photos of all the necessary streets along the route and particular highlights.

For the convenience of the modellers, we even made a special internal service, where they could see all the photos taken near the selected location on the map.

months of work

Special effects

To make the ride more intense, we have added some things that can't be seen in real Amsterdam. For example, at the beginning of a trip, a visitor gets kidnapped by a gigantic but very friendly gorilla who throws them into the roller coaster cart.

We've also added whales and dragons. The dragon flame acts as a teleport. While visitors ride through it, they do not notice the loading of new sections of the route. Thus, the cart quickly moves between different parts of the city.

kilometres – the length of the ride route


The attraction cart, unlike other objects that pass by at high speed, can be seen throughout the whole ride.

We made it very material, realistically shabby, and we also left a couple of Easter eggs: hello from Yekaterinburg (the home of JetStyle) – stickers with the White Tower and a manufacturer plate from Uraltransmash plant.

City sounds

Sound impressions are very important, so we made a 3D soundtrack of everything that is going on around: the whistle of the wind in your ears, the clang of mechanisms, even the scraping of tree branches against the cart.

All the sounds of the city are real Amsterdam trams, the Thalys train whistle, the bells of St. Nicholas Basilica and the Westerkerk church.

Basilica of St. Nicholas




Train Thalys



Alexey Markin

Creative director

Diana Myenshenina

Project manager

Ivan Knyazev

Art director

Nikita Reshetnikov

Lead developer

Anna Cheremnykh

Asset engineer

Anastasia Vlasova

3D artist

Alexander Shulginov

3D artist

Ivan Ilyin

3D artist

Anna Artemieva

Worked on textures

Kirill Shabanov

Worked on textures

Ksenia Chuklai

Worked on textures

Elena Dvoryashina

Case study designer

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