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Small Actions Matter:
The Long Game Network To Fight Climate Change
The future of the planet is in our hands, and we should bring in our best skills for the common good.

JetStyle teams up with startups in the area of sustainable development, because we believe in the power of collaborative action. The future of the planet is in our hands, and we should bring in our best skills for the common good.

We contribute to green initiatives by providing top-notch design services: brand identity development, web design, UX/UI design. 

Read about our work for The Long Game project:


The planet is clearly facing global crises: environmental, social and climate ones. We’ve known for sure: to fight with the consequences of these problems, we must unite and inspire everyone to take action every day, right in their homes and neighborhoods. Start small, ‘cause even a small change for the better counts as an element of a global process. 

Climate and energy need to be taught everywhere, not just in one little tiny part of the science curriculum.

We’ve collaborated with a team of 4 experienced leaders in sustainability who created The Long Game, a network and an app to teach people sustainable approaches in a simple, accessible way. The project is not only scientifically backed up, but also incredibly inspiring. 

The idea of The Long Game is based on the theory of 100,000 people developed by Professor Mark S. McCaffrey and Dr. Avit Bhowmik. For over 25 years, Professor McCaffrey has been launching educational programs on climate change and energy literacy, including at the Cooperative Institute for Environmental Science Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder and more recently through the UN Climate Change community ECOS. Avit Bhowmik is a Research Director of the Centre for Sustainability Transformation at Karlstad University, Sweden.

Professor McCaffrey states that for actual changes to take place, people should focus on the scale of around 100,000 people and contribute to the ecological state of their districts all together. This number of people is a “glocal” sweet spot where tangible results and benefits for the environment and people can be best customized and achieved.

However, before people can start working together towards a healthier future, they need to be educated in the area of sustainable development. No matter how much it is discussed in the media, still we have little access to information on what exactly we should do to start our ecological journey. 

The Long Game is exactly the service that can help with that. It is a network where people can learn to live in a more sustainable manner. There they also have access to tips, scientific facts, “missions” that are aimed at improving the state of their local communities. 

The product’s primary target audience is children, students and their families – as it does make much sense to start integrating a sustainable way of thinking right from the earliest age. 


Our task, as the project’s designers, was to create the new brand’s identity and website. Also, we developed the app’s concept and prototypes. The Long Game is looking for investors now, so as design partners we also created all of the presentation materials. 


We wanted The Long Game’s design to be unique and distinctive from peer initiatives, so we decided to match the project’s brilliant creative idea with equally brilliant illustrations. We created the website with a strikingly cheerful optimistic mood and inclusive characters, and we wanted it to reflect the key message: protecting the environment should be simple and fun. 

During the website development process, we worked in close collaboration and shared areas of responsibility with the client. The website’s exceptional wording was the contribution of The Long Game team. It was crucial that the website be illustrative and simple in the way it delivered the core message of the initiative. The team’s attention to detail and thoroughness led to great results. 

Alena Arzina, the project’s designer, shared her thoughts about the process: “Working on such an ambitious and inspiring initiative was amazing. I loved being a part of a venture aimed at saving the future of our planet. The Long Game team are incredible professionals; their contribution to the design process and our trustful cooperation allowed us to create a truly unique brand style”. 


The founders used our presentation materials at conferences and meetups dedicated to sustainable development, and they stated that the project was attracting the attention it deserved. At the moment, The Long Game’s team is working in 2 directions: 

Actively attracting investment to launch development. 
Developing the missions for the app. The Long Game team is now working on  tasks and activities for children to learn ideas of ecology and sustainable development.

The Long Game

Mark S. McCaffrey
Sophya A. Geghamyan
Michael Vartanyan
Avit Bhowmik


Katerina Sokolskaya
Project Manager
Alena Arzina
Grigory Koposov,
Designer, Art Director
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