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We worked on this project together with Spherical, our Germany-based partner.


Confident German is a school of German as a foreign language. Its founder, Vera Frühauf, lives in Germany and has been teaching German for more than 10 years: general and business courses, for adults and for children, for beginners and for those who want to improve their communication skills.
Vera and her team of teachers offer German classes via Skype. They needed a new site that would bring down the barrier of mistrust to learning a foreign language remotely. And at the same time it would help the students to schedule and cancel lessons, review the current schedule and pay for classes.


To develop a new website for the school that would:
  • encourage visitors to sign up for a free trial lesson;
  • help teachers and students to plan the learning process;
  • increase conversion from incoming traffic to sales.


Spherical is our reliable partner in Germany. In 2017, we developed a logo, brand identity and a website for them, and designed the UX of complex information systems that help countries to combat climate change on our planet.
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During this collaboration, we got along so well that we decided to expand the scope of partnership and start working together.
Confident German is our first joint project.

Working process

JetStyle took over the design,

JetStyle took over the design, and Spherical worked on layout and programming.

and Spherical worked on layout and programming.
Inside our multi-national team, we communicated in three different languages at the same time. It worked out great. Guess we did remote work long before it became mainstream in 2020.
The school’s former website was outdated in terms of functionality and design, but at Vera’s request, we have kept the colour palette.
The same colour combination was used for the new brand logo.

Home page

We made navigation as simple as possible. The menu block is fixed on the left side of the screen.
The main element on the home page is a large motivational slider with messages to the main segments of the target audience: entrepreneurs, immigrants, and students.
The new site is available in 5 languages.
We have selected the main font that looks nice in all languages – in Latin and Cyrillic scripts. And we prepared the design of the English version of the website.
Spherical adapted our design for French, German, Italian and Russian languages.


The face of the teacher is the face of the school. We have added large photos of Vera and her colleagues so that each student could see a real and competent instructor in the school’s team.


There are 4 different language courses at Confident  German. It only takes one click to sign up for a free trial lesson.

Sign up form

We added Skype ID, the current level of German language and the purpose of learning to the traditional sign up form so that the school could immediately assign the student a suitable teacher in terms of level and specialization.

Skype ID

Level of

Learning goals

Personal account

In the personal account, users can: see a brief summary of their learning process.

Select a convenient time for a class.

Independently edit their schedule.

Select a convenient time for a class.

And pay for the classes – for the whole course or for a single lesson, whichever is more convenient. The entire payment history is also stored there.

Mobile version

The site is adaptive, it has a mobile version.


We have done everything possible to reduce the barriers in communication between teachers and students of the Confident German school, and to make the process simple and convenient.


Vera Frühauf

CEO & Founder, Confident German

Die Begründerin von Confident German

Mikhail Vartanyan

CEO, Spherical

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Project Team


Victoria Ostanina

Project manager

Grigory Koposov


Ruzanna Babayan

Made the case study


Mikhail Vartanyan

Project manager

Anton Shchetko


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