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In 2021, we developed Bizar, a marketplace for contemporary art and design allowing painters, sculptors and photographers to exhibit their works and find buyers. Visitors can benefit from search by different criteria, a system of recommendations. Additionally, with the platform users, choose a framing option and order delivery.

We have implemented a unique recommendation algorithm on the marketplace: it recommends a user 10–20 works of art in real time, resembling the ones already viewed, and after 10–15 minutes on the site the user sees a personalized selection on the main page.

In just 4 months, in close cooperation with the client, we managed to develop the product from scratch and successfully launched the marketplace. Right from the start, we collected feedback from the users and created a backlog of relevant improvements. As a result, Bizar launched as a fully functioning marketplace and has been updated to keep in touch with users needs.


Developing a marketplace with convenient search algorithms that would help find interior design items and art objects.

At the same time, as Bizar co-founder Artyom Sinyavskiy mentioned, the goal was to bring art closer to people, start a dialog between artists and buyers, give new talents an opportunity to break into the market.


The whole work on the project was done with product logic in mind. That is, we were forming a concise backlog that was easy to keep up-to-date. All details were discussed at regular client meetings so that every time we could inject another portion of benefits into the product. After the release of changes we looked at analytics together with the client and made decisions on what to do next. Thanks to this approach we managed to speed up the launch and reduce risks at the start of the project.

We implemented search algorithms with parameters specific to the art market.

Initially the clients wanted to create a recommendation system using machine learning. We suggested a tested solution from our experience: an algorithm system based on the principles of vector space. The implementation turned out fast; the possibility of manual tuning of parameters and their validity when assessing resemblance proved beneficial. Today Bizar marketing specialists can manage the settings themselves to experiment with search results and improve user experience.

We consistently implemented three ways to add content — from simply importing tables with parameters and lots to integration with the stock control system.

While searching for solutions that would secure the marketplace fill rate growth, we built a simple and convenient form for adding works. It does not discard the data even if the seller gets distracted and closes the laptop. In addition, we built a two-way integration with a cloud service for stock control for galleries. So now all the data can be filled inautomatically.

We integrated the payment service for all kinds of buyers and sellers.

We were the first to use YooKassa API, Safe Deal. That is why at the stage of integrating and debugging the service, YooKassa developers were in constant contact with us, asked for feedback and promptly fixed bugs. As a result, before the website was launched for buyers, everything was in full operation — a solution for platforms for legal entities, and Safe Deal for the self-employed. And all this can generate receipts if needed.

Find out how Bizar turned out for buyers, artists and clients themselves

With the framing calculator, users can add a virtual frame, cover glass or passe partout to the painting and include the accessory into the order. As a result, they will get a ready-made work of art.

Personalized Selection

A smart algorythm creates a personalized selection of arts based on users'; purchases and previously viewed items.


Users can specify price range, category, art technique, theme, size and prevailing color in search by works and type of art, technique and style in search by artists.

Smart Search

Users can type in their preferences right into the search bar. It can be "painting", or "turquoise landscape", or "up to 10 000 roubles", and the features detector will specify the search quiery with related parameters and will show relevant works.

Better Objects Visualisation

We added a widget to zoom in the photo of the art work, so that users can have a better view of all the textures and strokes. The website identifies the color of the photo and adds a thin frame to all works with white edges. Thus, byers can see the size of the canvas.

In terms of functionality

Here’s how the platform interacts with three groups of users:

Bizar for buyers

Our goal was to simplify the choice of contemporary art for buyers as much as possible, which is why we implemented:

  • Premade selections
  • Personalized selections
  • Filters
  • Smart search
  • Possibilities for better visualization of objects
  • Framing calculator
  • High loading speed
Bizar for sellers

We simplified the process of uploading artworks to the marketplace and catalog management for sellers as much as possible by adding to the website:

  • Automatic offer acceptance
  • Autosaving data during work upload
  • Preview of the product card
  • Quick transfer of data from galleries
Bizar for clients

Our clients know the contemporary art market and its trends, which is why it is important for them to have an opportunity to manage search results. We made an admin panel where they easily can:

  • Manage the main page content
  • Set up parameters influencing the work resemblance manually.
The team was amazing in balancing between the development process, users’ feedback and business priorities.
Client’s Testimonial

“The development process started in January 2021; by the end of February we started adding sellers onto the platform, and in June 2021 a commercial MVP was released. It took only four months for us to start having first real sales and clients’ feedback. This speed of work is critically important for the industry’s first ever art marketplace.

Our work with JetStyle was conducted in two-week sprints and an agile approach to backlog processing. The team was amazing in balancing between the development process, users’ feedback and business priorities.

By the end of 2021, we released all core features of the customer experience. It allowed us to double the marketplace conversion rate.”

These are not the final results,

As in the product development approach, the work is never over. We did execute everything we had initially planned; at the moment we watch the users’ behavior and look for ways to improve their experience with the marketplace.

If you want to talk about the product development approach, or you need a marketplace or any other type of product, get in touch with us via orders@jet.style.

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