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Engineering, design
and customized layout TV 2.0

We continue to develop and support the project
The ER-Telecom Company, which provides services under the brand; the company is one of the largest Russian Internet providers, pay television and landline telephony operators. Our longtime client.
Development of the interface of the new set-top box for connection to TV digital television; creating the design and layout for all the functions and services as well as content mobile applications and user guides. Make clients of happy and help the company to earn money)

We have designed and set up a TV portal for the first version of the TV set-top box several years ago. It was a real breakthrough hardly having any comparable products at the time. The project turned out a success, and the guys at decided to make a new version, which would be even better and offering more fun than the first one.

Our partners decided that they want everything to be tailor-made, including the volume indicator, remote control and promotion design of the set-top box. We had freedom to create and we were able to design everything properly, starting from scratch. We did a tremendous job; but we will try to put it in a nutshell and illustrate it with pictures.

Working process
Working on the second version, we again opted for Modern UI (known previously as Metro-interface), which showed itself at an advantage last time. It is also convenient for touch devices and for remote control operation. The design came out integral, as we worked not only on the entertainment part of the TV portal, but also on the entire interface. Besides, we created and made sketches for mobile apps, and we took part in designing the packaging and user guide.
We were responsible for the client’s entire layout of the set-top box to prevent the risk of design disintegration during the installation in different devices. In total, we made up about 250 pages. It’s as many as that:
Additional features
The TV guide is, in fact, a program menu available on the screen, but it has additional functions. By using it, you can set up your own lists of channels, select your favorite TV program for recording or set the reminder not to miss anything interesting. The option «Show similar» helps you to find TV programs, live and in the video library, which fall into the same category. The TV guide is called up just by pressing the respective button on the remote control.
From the program menu you can move to the Catch-up and watch programs offered in 30 TV channels, which are available to you within 3 days after they have been broadcast. If you have something urgent to do, like to make a cup of tea for yourself, you can pause a live TV broadcast by selecting the pause button: Timeshift. Then no goal will be scored and no nail-biting scene will be missed while you are away!
By selection the option of global search offered by us you can browse the content to find the required information not only in one of the sections (for example, in the video library), but also everywhere: in the TV menu, Catch-up TV, movies, games, music, services, etc. For example, you can type in the search window the name of the actor and find the information about movies he was starring in, both in live TV channels, Catch-up TV and video library. You can search the name of the movie, TV program or channel. The search is called up by pressing the respective button on the remote control.
The video library of TV has a lot of interesting pay-content. The users can easily bring in new channels or buy movies and TV shows by using well-designed prompts, the «Show similar» button and advanced smart search. The application for mobile devices — TV control with the keyboard — will help you to operate the set-top box and use the search option. Profits and monetization for, enjoyment for users!
Many major and well-known services were installed in the first set-top box of TV., VKontakte, Instagram,,, Vidimax, Tvigle, Yandex.Probki and others were integrated into the interface. The second version of the set-top box has 2GIS among the offered services. It is very convenient to have access to all these services on a large screen.
Another, totally new application we have developed for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android is TV (available in App Store and Google Play). With its help you can use mobile devices for the same operations you do on set-top boxes, except for services. Instagram, 2gis and other services have already been installed in phones, so there is no need in duplicating. You can watch television programs (online or in the Catch-up) right on the screen of the device, both on TV and in the application, even different channels if you like. Just imagine that: You are watching a football game, while enjoying the comfort of the couch, and your wife is ironing clothes, while watching her favorite TV serial on the screen of her tablet. and JetStyle are safeguarding peace and happiness in the family!
In this project we worked with companies from different countries:
  • Humax, Korea — hardware,
  • SOTAL Interactive, Russia — software development,
  • V2 Studios, United Kingdom — promotion design of the set-top box and remote control,
  • Universal Electronics, USA — manufacturers of the remote control.
We took part in the development during nearly all stages. Therefore, the scope of the management work was impressive. We needed to have everything approved, to use our best efforts in trying to persuade the authorized people and to take a lot of responsibility.
We had to prepare detailed technical documentation. Each of us described what he is competent in. The technical specialist was responsible for the technical part, while the usability specialist wrote about the interface.
Outcome made a new set-top box, which it successfully uses for digital television available throughout the country. The wide range of services and user-friendly interface bring additional earnings through fee-paying services.

Our work in the project is not over; we continue to make amendments when required and add new services we will tell you about next time. Our work has grown into a new and important business line in our company — Smart TV. We offer a full cycle of development to different customers. There are not many specialists of this caliber in our country so far.

Client`s review

"We started working with JetStyle in 2011 in the project of large-scale launching of the first set-top box of TV, which was scheduled for the summer of 2012. They did the complete design work for for the interactive part— all additional services, from design development to debugging. During our joint work, we developed cooperative and amicable relationships. The guys showed their best and proved by their work that they can implement excellent projects.

When we decided to launch the set-top box of the second generation, we again held a tender among the market leaders. The decision was unanimous: We will work with JetStyle. My colleagues and I were sure that no one could cope with the ambitious project of development better than they, as the project was novel for Russia.

Then, the work started. Slightly fast-forwarding, I should say that the JetStyle team was one of the best among the project participants, and there were quite a few of them. Working with this team, we always received everything on time; we consulted them and tuned up the tiniest details of the product.

They conducted large-scale research, designed the interface from scratch, worked on the design of each page and completed the front-end application development. Just think of it — we are talking about hundreds of screens! Besides, they designed the website and content mobile applications for iOS, Android. And this is only the beginning.

In addition to their work on solving these tasks, which were enormous and very difficult, the JetStyle team prepared all documents: interface maps, design guides for each of the product devices, description of each screen of the interface and explained how to operate it. It might seem that the JetStyle guys did they job, but they decided to go on. The highly professional and efficient support provided by the JetStyle team, and, most importantly, the quality of their work, helped other project contractors to get promptly involved in the work to bring the developed project to life. The launching of the TV 2.0 had smashing success.

At the moment, we continue working on the project, improving what we have, creating and deploying new, unique and fascinating functions and services. JetStyle never stops demonstrating its stunning working capacity, daring professionalism in solutions and cooperation spirit. This suggests that their team is continuously improving its knowledge and skills, and I am sure that in future it will perform many heroic deeds.

Are you still thinking and cannot make decision: «Should we work with them?» Quit it and try it!"

Oleg Kulakov
manager for product
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