13 August 2020

JetStyle: The impact of Covid-19 on the digital industry. Part 2. Human resources


We continue to share our opinion on the current market situation with CMS Magazine. This time the discussion is devoted to human resources.

Like many of our colleagues, we believe that the team is very important, and so we did everything possible to keep it. Read the comment by Anna Tatyankina, an HR & PR Director at JetStyle, below:


“Back in March, since the start of the coronavirus restrictions, we temporarily stopped hiring. Although, just before the transition to remote work, we hired three new employees who have successfully passed the trial period and continue to work in the company.

We are now planning to resume the recruitment process. At the same time, in some areas, the search for specialists didn't stop even during the lockdown – first of all, this applies to those who are involved in our AR and VR projects. Therefore, we haven’t stopped looking for 3D modelers, Unity and Unreal developers.

We didn't have any forced redundancies over this time, although, in some places, the resource was freed up, but we happily took up internal projects instead. A few employees left the company because they didn't pass the probationary period. But this, again, has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Of the significant changes in the company, there is definitely more coordination regarding resource utilisation, and when planning between departments, the depth of analysis of the workload has increased. There is more coordination at the level of department heads and team leads, which is generally good, we began to communicate more and better understand and control the situation ”.


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