Competitions and prizes


1st place / Runet Rating 2017

Mobile apps «Fun, relax, shop»


1st place / Runet Rating 2017
Publishers, media


2nd place / Runet Rating 2017

Batenka, You're a Transformer
Publishers, media


1st place / Golden Site 2016

Batenka, You're a Transformer
Web service and portal, culture and entertainment category


1st place / Tagline Awards 2016

Batenka, You're a Transformer
Best media website


2nd place / Golden Site 2016

Television, cinema and radio, newspapers and magazines


3rd place / Tagline Awads 2016

Plazius mobile app redesign 
Лучшее приложение услуги


3rd place / Golden Site 2016

Batenka, You're a Transformer
Best design


Positive Content competition 2016

Lesnoy city virtual museum

Best cultural and
educational institution website




Agencies working
with the largest companies
Runet Rating 2017


United rating
of web studios

Ruward 2017


Digital design

studios rating

Tagline 2016


Top mobile app developers

Runet Rating 2016


New Runet Rating of the top website developers is already available. We are 19th, plus 8 positions. Now we are in the top 20 here as well)

It's our first year in the Digital Design & Creative rating from Ruward. And we're 30th from the very beginning!

We are 54th in the Tagline-2017 mobile production rating. That's a 22 position leap)

We're 20th in the Tagline-2017 digital production rating. Up 10 more positions since last year.

We are 19th in the 5th anniversary united web studio rating-2017 published by Ruward. Plus 27 positions since last year.


Ranked 16 among top mobile application developers list in 2016 published by Runet Rating. Ranked 12th in a separate nomination for developers contracting for the largest companies.

In a recent Web developers/integrators rating by Tagline 2016 we ranked unchanged (25th).

We have gained 10 positions since last year, now ranking 17th in the Digital Tagline rating 2016.

In the Golden Site 2016 competition our projects were awarded a total of three awards!

"Batenka, you are nothing short of a transformer" self-publishing service website ranked 1st in the "Web service and portal, culture and entertainment" category; ETV website ranked 2nd in the "Television, cinema and radio, newspapers and magazines" nomination and "Sir, you are nothing short of a transformer" also ranked 3rd in the "Best design" nomination.

Our projects are among top award winners at Tagline Awards 2016!

"Batenka, you are nothing short of a transformer" self-publishing service website ranked 1st in the "Best media website" nomination, and Plazius mobile application redesign ranked 3rd in the "Best service application" nomination.

In the All-Russia Positive Content Competition, the website we developed for the virtual museum of the city of Lesnoy was awarded as the best website of a cultural and educational institution.

We ranked 28th among the fastest growing agencies and digital production companies in Russia Digital-Proryv 2016 by Ruward.

Ruward has published the Golden hundred of Russian digital companies 2016.
And we were included!

We rank 20th in the Mobile Friendly website developers rating published by Runet Rating.

We ranked 23rd in the Rating of the developers of the most visited websites  published by Runet Rating.

We now rank 27th in the Runet's TOP-200 best web studios 2016, published
by Runet Rating.

Not bad for a first-timer, isn't it? We ranked 46th in the Unified web studios rating
of 2016
 by Ruward.

We rank 26the in the Rating of digital companies working with largest customers, published by Runet Rating.

Yay! We rank 23rd in the Unified mobile developers rating by Ruward in 2015!

According to Big Digital, the 7th National Award in multi-channel digital television, the set-top box by ranked 1st in Russia!


Runet Rating published Top mobile application developers. We ranked 36th!

The Tagline analytical agency published the Russian web developer/integrator rating of 2015. We were included for the first time and ranked 25th!

We ranked 27th in the Digital design studios rating at Tagline-2015. We moved up 18 positions as compared to the previous year!We ranked 27th in the Digital design studios rating at Tagline-2015. We moved up 18 positions as compared to the previous year!

We ranked 46th in the best web studios rating 2014 published by Runet Rating.


We were included in the top-100 fastest growing digital agencies in Russia according to the Digital-Proryv rating by Ruward!

According to Ruward in 2014 we were included in the TOP-300 digital agency market players in Russia.

And again we were in the top 100! In 2014 we were several positions up in the web studios rating by Tagline.

In 2014 we are again among  the top  new design studios rated by Tagline.
We ranked 45th in Russia!

Rating by the Adindex portal; a comprehensive poll of the target audience was conducted to find out spontaneous brand awareness of the leading web production company brands. We ranked 12th.

We ranked 34th among the TOP-100 mobile application developers published by Runet Rating. Also, we ranked first among Ural-based companies! Besides, in the iOS developers rating we ranked 26th.

We were included among Top-100 of the leading digital production companies is Russia, according to Tagline-2014!

Our partner project Ridero, a web-based publishing service, ranked second in the Web Ready competition in Moscow!

We rank first among Yekaterinburg companies in terms of website development turnover in the Web studios rating 2013 published by Delovoy Kvartal.

The Read! application that we made for LitRes became the best selling mobile application in Russia. (According to the App Annie analytical agency).


We were included among the Top-100 leading web studios in Russia (digital production) Tagline-2013.

We were included in the digital design studios rating at Tagline 2013 for the first time, ranking 40th!

The Business Forsazh advertising company (Microsoft Russia) was given an award by the Microsoft US division. It was nominated in Field Marketing. We made a company website for Business Forsazh.

We won the Web studio of the year award at the Ural IT Award of 2013.

We are in the TOP-50 web studios rating by Runet Rating (according to CMS Magazine).

We rank 9th in mobile development in the Best In Digital rating for Russia.

Again we won the best website development and support company award, according to the Delovoy Kvartal magazine that published yet another top list of Yekaterinburg's largest web studios.


Our CEO Alexey Kulakov won the Person of the Year in IT award, according to the Delovoy Kvartal magazine.

A Kamaz case study video that we made has won an internal SAP competition among best business practices in EMEA.

The Novosyol company group website created by JetStyle won in the Best Regional Real Estate Agency Website nomination at WEB-Realtor-2012, the 4th annual all-Russia competition.

Again we rank first among Ural-based companies in the Russia's Top-100
web studios
at Tagline-2012.

We were included in  Russia's Top-50 digital agencies at Tagline-2011.

In 2011 we ranked 1st among Yekaterinburg's web studios in the website development and support nomination, according to the rating by the Delovoy Kvartal magazine. Ratings by Delovoy Kvartal list Yekaterinburg's largest web studios.


We were the first among Ural-based studios to be included in Russia's Top-100 web studios at Tagline-2011.

For the second year in a row, we are web developer market leaders as rated by Delovoy Kvartal.


We rank 1st among Yekaterinburg studios according to the Russia's Top-100 web studios rating at Tagline-2010.

JetStyle ranked 1st among TOP-13 web developers in Yekaterinburg according to the Delovoy Kvartal magazine. Yekaterinburg's largest web studios are included into this top list 2009's website development turnover was the main KPI used for ranking.


Belinsky library website won the third All-Russia competition among public library websites in the "Russian Federation subject's best central universal library website" nomination.

According to the rating by, the website designed by our company ranked 1st in the Finances category.

Kontur Extern's website developed by us won the Golden Site award.



Our company ranked 1st in the regional Yekaterinburg's TOP-100 rating made by the Tagline's board of experts.

For the second year in a row, the Red Army radio station ranked 1st in the Radio Image 2007–2008 award, in the Radio in the Web nomination.


We were included in the All-Russia TOP-50 web developers rating, published by the Tagline's board of experts.

At the competition among metallurgy and metal trading companies from Russia and CIS countries, the website of the Kamensk-Uralsk non-ferrous machining plant ranked 1st as the most user-friendly website for customers. Among 80 projects competing at the event held by the Metal Provisioning and Sales journal's board of editors, ranked first in the Service nomination.

The Red Army radio station ranked 1st in the Radio Image 2007–2008 award, the Radio in the Web nomination (best radio station website).


JetStyle ranked 1st among Ural region web studios by the number of award-winning websites. Brief statistics on the regional stage of the competition:

JetStyle – 19 awards, 9 shortlists and 1 winner.

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