7 August 2020

JetStyle: The impact of Covid-19 on the digital industry. Part 1. Expenses


In June, CMS Magazine published a study on the situation in the digital market in Russia. And now they are releasing a series of articles with comments from the industry on the current state of affairs. We also got involved!

The topic of the first article is the change in agency expenses during the Coronavirus crisis. And here is what Oleg Lazarev, an executive director of JetStyle, has to say on this issue:

“Since the beginning of the coronavirus restrictions, we, like many companies in our industry, have moved to work from home. This led to the fact that all costs associated with the maintenance of the office, the purchase of water, tea, coffee, snacks, etc. were reduced. We also gave up car and bicycle parking, since no one comes to the office anyway. In addition, we managed to negotiate a reduction in the rent for our office. Apart from this, there are no other major changes related to agency expenses.

As for the financial cushion, we do have it, and we don't intend to attract any additional sources of funding at the moment. One of the major changes is that we have increased the amount of attention we pay to financial planning and synchronisation of plans between the agency's departments. ”



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