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We have worked hard to design a new website for a super-cool self-publishing service: “Batenka, You’re a Transformer”. We did so just because this project is very special. And it is special in many respects.

We’ve talked about some things along the way. Still, those revelations could not convey the real impressions of real people who were working on the project. And we believe that this is important! And so today we are going to freely talk about our experiences in an interview.

Today we are sharing our story about the use of VR in real estate sales. That's the experience we have accumulated over the recent couple of years.

The Ruward agency club asked business representatives to share their opinion: “Describe the most efficient technique that enables you to quickly decide whether a digital agency suits your customer, when you come across that agency for the first time.”
This is our answer.

Alexei Kulakov shares his thoughts on the technologies that will soon be causing a revolution, the things we'll have to learn all over again, and the things we'd better start mastering right now.

Special thanks to Valeriya Nomokonova and for the photo.

We have a tradition whereby we draw a new poster each year and present it to our friends and colleagues.  This time, this poster is special :)


Why? Check out the video and you’ll understand!