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We often mention JetStyle’s partner project Ridero in our blog posts here. In order for you to have a more specific idea of what it is and what’s so interesting about it, we decided to share an interview with our CEO and product director at Ridero Aleksey Kulakov, which was published on in November 2017. 

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We spoke with our team lead Vitaly Semyachkin about the limitations and possibilities of Alice that developers are facing now and about the challenges faced by our team when we began to explore this topic.

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There is one amazing project we’ve been a part of, that we haven’t had a chance to tell you about yet. By using WebGL technology, we helped to tell the exciting story of climbing Everest right on the site.

We developed a special 3D map of the mountains and surroundings, overlapping with the ascent route and selected landmarks. Take a look!

Here is everything you need to know about the difference between the product and the project businesses, from a person who manages to combine both – CEO at JetStyle and a product development director at Ridero, Alexey Kulakov.

This landing page checklist is our internal document, that naturally formed over several years. And we are happy to share it with you. There are no revolutionary ideas and secrets of "how to do it quickly and cool". But there is a complete algorithm for creating a decent working page that will help you tell about the product and launch its promotion the right way.

Business breakfast – what is it? An effective tool that can solve a number of business tasks and attract new customers or just another trend and the cost of such events never pays off? 

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We have already talked about the things that agencies should do to build strong and lasting relationships with their clients. Now it's time to look at the situation from another angle and put the question differently: What is required of the clients themselves? What could customers of digital agencies do in order to increase or, at least, not to reduce the quality of the final product? 

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What should be done to build strong and lasting relationships with the clients? CMS Magazine asked this question to our CEO Alexey Kulakov, and here is what he thinks about it.

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As UI/UX design is one of our main expertise areas, we spend a lot of time on researching this field and studying the latest trends. This week we decided to share some of our findings with you!

We spoke with Oleg Lazarev, executive director at JetStyle and Victoria Kurbangaleeva, academic director at Talisman linguistic centre on the importance of successful corporate training for effective international business.
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