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Something about our work and personal life

We have created a series of informational and educational videos for the client's managers that will help them understand what they need to do to get the desired result when ordering a website from a design studio.

You’ve seen some of these already, but here is more.

A selection of our favourite projects with AR and VR that we've done lately. Have a look!

We continue to share stories about our traditions at JetStyle.
While the celebration of the International Women’s Day is in full swing in our office, we will tell you how we spent this day a year, two, and even four years ago.

Our page about the magic of augmented and virtual reality has won its first awards!

Last Sunday, we took part in the “Weekend of Professions” organised by Krugozorro. 

Our designer and art director Ivan Toropov told the kids about the work of UX designers and what exactly these specialists are responsible for. 

As promised, here is a full report on how we celebrated February 23rd aka the Men’s Day this year. 

(Hint: If you missed our last post about our little traditions and how we celebrate holidays in the office, you can read the full story below).


Enough talking about work, ratings and serious stuff. After all, we also have a normal life in the office. With its little traditions)

So today, on the 23rd of February, we decided to recall how we celebrated this holiday in previous years.

Fabulous news!

The results of the Golden Site and the Golden App 2018 awards have been finally announced. And we now have three new diplomas on our Wall of Fame

We often tell you about the projects we do with AR and VR – two of our favourite technologies. As it turned out, we have done so many of them lately that they needed a separate page to show all that magic. So here it is!


Today we want to tell you a story of how we created a new website for the Confident German language school. 

What’s important, this was the first project that we did for a foreign client together with our partner from Germany – Spherical. uses cookies which allow to give you the best browsing experience. Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalize your web experience.
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