17 April 2018

Case study: New website design for ETV channel


Today we will show you a very special website that we designed for ETV (a TV channel based in Yekaterinburg, Russia) a while ago. And here is a little story behind this project.

Once upon a time, there were JetStyle and ETV channel. One day the ETV guys decided to change their website – to make it cool, trendy and convenient for reading long articles. And we at JetStyle were happy to help! We’ve studied a whole lot of examples to get inspired by media market trends: “Do people just look through or read them?”, “Short articles or long reads?”, “Serious stuff or with a bit of humour???”. We’ve been looking... and looking... and finally found the colours! And fonts! And all the rest!

Hundreds of working hours, 71 templates of secondary pages and 115 templates of editorial interface later, we designed an awesome website we are very proud of. It now has its own face that readers find very attractive: a set of unique UI-elements (icons, bars, widgets and animated elements), contrasting colours that help to attract the attention, a mobile version and, of course, beautiful long read pages. Check it out in our new case study!


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