We have created
a website for ETV, Yekaterinburg
TV channel.

A Little Bit of History

Once upon a time there lived JetStyle and ETV. One day the ETV guys decided to change their site, make it cool, trendy and convenient for reading long articles. And JetStyle was happy to help!

We want a killer website for long articles!

No problem!

We’ve studied a whole lot of examples to get inspired by media market trends. Do people just look through or read them? Short articles or long ones? Serious or with a bit of humor?

In Search of Style

We’ve been looking... and looking... a finally found the colors! And fonts! And all that jazz!

The art director frazzle out the designer big time made the designer create a bold and convenient grid.

And then it was the designer’s turn to torture nice and slow make sure HTML coders stick to the grid.

Aaaaaand... design!

We ended up with a really dope design. Color battles sank in all right: the result was an awesome contrasting template that helps concentrate user’s attention on the main information. The website now has its own face that we and the clients and readers find attractive.


We Created UI-Elements


A lively progress bar and appealing flat buttons:

Добавить цитату Продолжить

A unique set of icons:

Widgets and animated elements:

22 сентября 2014 год

...Some cute switches:

One of the main site schticks is «heads», which were inspired by The Guardian. What’s more important, you can shoot them without spending a fortune on a studio, you only need an iPhone and a swivel chair.

Drew All The Rest

Finally, the style and homepage are ready! Now interior pages are at gunpoint. All this splendor can be used on different page types, whether it be the news, long articles or broadcast.

Saw About How Broadcast Works

We analyzed the way broadcast works together with the ETV guys. It holds a special place in the project and has three states:

  1. Broadcast announcement.
  2. Live broadcast on TV and online.
  3. Recorded broadcast archive for those who failed to watch it live.

The broadcast page invites the spectators before, carries away during and makes them happy after the broadcast.

Broadcast Announcement

Find out when an interesting broadcast begins

Live Broadcast

Watch and comment a broadcast in real time

Recorded Broadcast

Watch the recorded broadcast if you failed to watch it live

Drew A Fascinating
Long Article

Scroll to see
the whole template
or click the link

71 templates

of secondary pages

Drew up an administration [panel] concept

So how do you manage such a website? It is very important to think out a really convenient content management system for media editors, because ETV people, like journalists, editors, traffic managers or someone else, need different sets of functions, meaning they need different sections of the panel.

To figure out all the roles and not to miss anything out we used a good old method of drawing a table on a dry-erase board.

Then we cleared it through with the client and drew up a customized dashboard, where you can select a separate set of widgets and controls at quick access.

All content follows the route journalist — editor — editor-in-chief. That’s exactly why it is very important for ETV to have it as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), and to see its actual state at any given stage of work.

115 editorial interface templates
Scroll to see
the whole template

an Adapted
Site Version

To keep gadget users busy while
commuting by tram or something
we drew a mobile version design.

Mobile Version Templates

Project Cast:


Aleksey Kulakov

Art Director

Anna Chernykh


Vitaliy Semyachkin


Mikhail Singayevskiy

Project Manager

Client’s Team

Dmitriy Zlokazov

Project Supervisor and
Development Manager

Vladimir Zlokazov

Director General

Anatoliy Yefremov


We’ve been building and building and finally we’ve done it! Woohoo!

Good for the client! And for us, too! Everyone’s happy!

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