24 January 2020

JetStyle: Our opinion on latest design trends in online retail


What trends will we observe in online retail in 2020 and how can they affect design approaches?

Here is what Artem Kupelsky, one of our art directors, says:

“I would single out three areas that can combine the main trends of the current year, and which I will actively continue to monitor next year.

Active development of the food tech market and online business transformation of large grocery chains.

Many large grocery chains are actively starting to develop online destinations because of the drop in sales offline. Due to such changes, the question arises about the logistics and delivery of products to consumers. Perhaps in the future, we will see an increase in the use of postamats or “food hubs” like warehouses for these purposes.


Marketplaces and social media as a place of concentration of personalised offers and services.

Both of these formats cope with the problem of oversupply on the Internet. In one case, the offer is personalised through subscriptions and likes, and in the other, by the history of successful purchases. The synthesis of these formats and the cooperation of large platforms will allow implementing alternatives to the Chinese super app for the Western and Russian markets.


The solvency of generation Z, who have virtually no experience of consumption outside the Internet.

The new generation fully trusts online shopping, but at the same time, they dictate high requirements and standards for sites. Intuitiveness, simplicity of interfaces, mobile first are considered by them as a necessity and given. For them, buying a product is a process of finding their own identity, so this generation consumes by visual images and stories. They help them not only quickly associate themselves with the brand and make a choice in favour of the purchase, but also tell about it on their social feed. You need to remember this when working with this audience”.


More about these and other trends in the article on vc.ru (in Russian).

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