11 September 2019

JetStyle: Augmented reality in the browser. Now for everyone!


We are used to the fact that AR lives in mobile apps: you download the application, point the camera at the marker and see something new. But it’s a pretty long path. Not all users agree to install a new application – there is either not enough space on the phone, or they don't have time, or just don't want to spend their mobile data. As a result, the user won't see the beauty, and the business will lose the invested funds, time and energy – because the information has not reached the target audience.

The problem is solved by AR, available directly in the browser. The user's task is minimised – simply follow the link in any browser that's already installed on the smartphone.

But there are snags.

1. Not all browsers allow access to the device’s camera.

2. Apple’s web solution based on ARKit 2 only works on iPhone 8 and later, only on iOS12 and doesn’t bind to markers (and sometimes it’s important).

3. ARCore doesn't have any web solution at the moment, and the app only works on the latest models with Android. As a result, even just trying AR in the browser is difficult for a mass user.


Nevertheless, solutions that allow us to fully experience the magic of augmented reality on the web already exist. And with their help, we put together a demo page so that everyone can try AR in the browser right on their smartphone!


1. Open the link https://jetstyle.ru/ardemo/index.html in any mobile browser,

2. Select an object and move it, rotate, zoom, take pictures. The magic of augmented reality is at your disposal)

(If you have an iPhone 8 or later, we will open the ARKit version for you. If you have an Android smartphone or an older iPhone, you can try the solution from the 8th Wall.)


Just imagine how great this solution works for furniture stores, interior or flower shops, event agencies, and how effectively museums can complement their expositions with its help!

It is important to embed augmented reality in communication with the client right now, while it still creates the wow-factor. And it becomes much more convenient, accessible and closer to people.

P.S.: AR magic won't work on the desktop!

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