7 December 2017

About us: the structure of JetStyle digital agency


How does a digital agency work? And who are all these people?

If you ever asked such questions, here is an infographic we made on our "world order”.

As the founders of JetStyle have a designer background, so we are all about the design of the interaction.

In 13 years of work, we have got three departments developed within the agency – three full-cycle studios with their own management and production and unique competencies in each of them.

Two of these departments specialise in working with big long-term clients: there are separate business processes built for them, taking into account their brand guidelines and technology stacks. There is also a video production unit in one of the departments, and the other one has some cool stuff like Smart TV, 3D, AR, and VR. The third one is a design, development & digital marketing department which works with a wide range of incoming projects, focusing mainly on UX/UI and complex advertising campaigns.

Apart from that, we constantly explore new technologies. That’s how we started working on VR for real estate back in 2014: we 3D printed our first VR headsets on our own printer (yes, it certainly was nothing like today’s Oculus Rift, but even then it allowed us to showcase what we were able to offer) and then, by using drones, we shot panoramas around unfinished buildings.

And today we are working on developing the chatbot trend.


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