30 April 2021

Tagline Awards 2020-2021: We won 25 awards!


While we are waiting for the official listing of the Tagline Awards 2020-2021 winners, we have put together everything we know from the awards ceremony))

First of all, this year we set a new personal record, winning 25 awards: 4 gold, 8 silver and 13 bronze. But most importantly, the projects from our strategic directions – VR/AR, edTech and pharmaceuticals – won gold.

So, here is a list of our award-winning projects this year:

1. VR simulators for Huawei:

  • gold for the best mobile service,

  • gold for the best mobile/AR/VR/IoT project,

  • bronze for the best international mobile application.


2. VR ride for A’DAM Lookout in Amsterdam:

  • gold for the best international Craft project,

  • bronze for the best 3D project,

  • bronze for the best interactive solution/animation.


3. Service for conducting online classes IQ007 Online:

  • gold for the best educational project,

  • silver for the best site of the service,

  • silver for the best site in the nomination "Without leaving home",

  • bronze for the best site,

  • bronze for the best art/culture/entertainment site.


4. VR game RevolVR 3:

  • silver for the best mobile game,

  • silver for the best interactive/animation.


5. Promo campaign with AR for Abrau-Durso:

  • silver for the best AR/VR campaign,

  • bronze for the best promo application.


6. Information portal for sellers eBay Export:

  • silver for the best b2b project,

  • bronze for the best site-community.


7. Interactive game workshop Financial Rakes:

  • bronze for the best online game,

  • bronze for the best site for children and youth.


8. Design and development of the Smart City Dynamics information and analytical system:

  • silver for the best data and audience management.


9. Integrated promotional strategy for Ultra-D, "Orion Pharma":

  • bronze for the best artful performance.


10.  Long-read "Management as a Game":

  • silver for the best publication of the agency,

  • bronze for the best text,

  • bronze for the best illustration.


11. Landing page-long read "What's with CHS?":

  • bronze for the best art/culture/entertainment site.


Thanks to our clients for their trust and our JetStyle team for their excellent work!

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