29 April 2021

JetStyle: Talking about PR in a digital agency at MIND-15


Today our PR&HR director Anna Tatyankina will speak at the MIND-15 – a digital stand-up held by Magwai design studio and ARDA. The theme of the event is PR in Digital.

Together with our colleagues from AGIMA, Cossa and Rassvet.digital, we will answer the following questions:

— What is PR for a digital agency, and why is it needed?

— Conclusions, trends and recommendations based on the results of the Great Digital Turbulence 2020.

— How to be in the market? Do others know about you, or do you remain in the shadows?

— What skills should a PR specialist have?

Anna Tatyankina will talk about PR in a digital agency, her own experience at JetStyle, and give step-by-step guidelines for a PR specialist. And all this in just 15 minutes – as this is how much each speaker will have.

You can sign up for the event here. And see you all at the stand-up today at 14:00-16:00 (UTC+3)




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