10 November 2020

Sharing our experience: Why participate in digital contests and how to choose the relevant one?


Why participate in various contests and awards? Each company has their own answer to this question. And with entries opening for the Golden Website and the Golden App competition and the upcoming Tagline Awards, the question is very relevant.

Together with colleagues from the industry, we shared our opinion with RAEC. Here is what Anna Tatyankina, PR director at JetStyle, has to say on this subject.



“For the last five years, we have been actively participating in contests and ratings, because we see that more than half of the leads we get are generated from there. We have won in various prestigious competitions, including the Golden Site and the Golden App contests, Runet Rating and Tagline Awards (where we received the largest number of awards in 2019). As well as victories and participation in foreign competitions, such as Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, The FWA, The Webby Awards and The Lovie Awards.


We pursue several goals by participating in digital contests:

  • to demonstrate the level of our works and draw attention to them,

  • to get coverage, views and mentions of both projects and our site. For example, last year we made a non-commercial project – WebVR site for the White Tower, submitted it to several competitions and without any advertising activities and investments we got into many design collections, received thousands of views, publications and mentions around the world and helped raise money for the development of the project,

  • also, victories in contests affect the positions in the ratings that take them into account, which allows us to improve the rankings in them, which again leads us to new leads,

  • and, of course, this is a reason for joy and pride in the team. And, as a bonus, a beautiful wall of fame in the office covered with diplomas and awards.


In any case, when deciding on participation in competitions, it is necessary to analyze in detail the nominations, evaluation criteria, participants and winners of previous years. You should calculate and analyze the cost and the estimated effect and compare it with other instruments ”.


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