7 April 2020

JetStyle: Stay Home Club


Our last week was all about setting up internal communications and processes (have you noticed how our work from home has turned into one never-ending Zoom call?)

At the weekend, we played our favourite board games online, this week, we added online workouts for the whole team to our schedule, accidentally started the plank challenge (the current record is 4,5 min!), and are working on internal training – in other words, we are keeping our minds and bodies busy not to get bored at home.

And, thankfully, in these difficult times, there are those, who help us stay sane while self-isolating and make sure we work effectively, and most importantly, have enough time to relax (by blocking access to the keyboard, for instance). It turned out that, apart from cats and dogs, our team members have some pretty rare personal assistants, like chinchillas, achatina snails, and turtles!

Say hi to them!


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