1 April 2020

JetStyle: Keep calm and work from home


It's been almost three weeks since we have transitioned all our activities to the remote format. And, thanks to modern technology, we are more than ready to continue to work from home, without disrupting any projects or deadlines. Yesterday, for example, we had a video meeting with almost the entire office (a very exciting experience, we must say!).

And not to feel too lonely while self-isolating, we are actively using some tricks (they might be useful for you too):

  • There's a new portion of cute cat videos and quarantine memes in our JetStyle at Home chat for so much needed positive vibes. 

  • Last week, after work, the whole team watched a free broadcast of Swan Lake from the Bolshoi Theatre, all in the comfort of our own sofas (make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel if you haven't done it already!).

  • On the weekend we had a first attempt at playing board games on Zoom. It was fun and we'll definitely do it again.

So, it's not that bad after all!

And next week we are going to show you our furry assistants who monitor our work performance)) Stay tuned!

Long story short, stay safe, wash your hands as often as you can, keep in touch with your loved ones despite social distancing (since it's not a problem at all in the digital era), and, as they say, keep calm and work from home.


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