17 January 2019

JetStyle: Smart meeting room with Augmented Reality


You know how much we love all the latest technology trends, including augmented reality, right? This time we decided to use them not only for our clients' projects but for our own benefit too. And so we have set up a smart meeting room with AR in our office.

By a voice command, it can:

  • turn on / off a camera,
  • display mobile and browser wireframes, different grids, lists and graphics (this is super useful for clients and working groups meetings),
  • take screenshots of the screen, save them to Google Drive,
  • display images on the screen through a projector,
  • make a copy of the screen: for example, you can write something on the screen, make a copy of it, display it, the text then can be erased, and the information will still be there and you can keep adding to it.

At the moment, we are using Amazon Alexa and Echo as a voice user interface. In the nearest future, we are also planning to add Russian-speaking personal voice assistant Alice by Yandex.

Here is the first test of our smart meeting room. Watch till the end!)



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