25 October 2018

JetStyle: Climb Mount Everest from the comfort of your sofa!


There is one amazing project we’ve been a part of, that we haven’t had a chance to tell you about yet. In Spring 2016, a group of mountain climbers received funding from Yandex to conquer Mount Everest and take the first-ever panoramic photos from the highest point on the planet. And they made it to the top! This was the beginning of the “Everest Panorama” project that gives Internet users a unique chance to become a part of this breathtaking expedition – to retrace the entire climbing path, to behold the views of the environment, and to hear the stories shared by the climbers on their way to the Mount Everest peak.

By using WebGL technology, we helped to tell the exciting story of climbing Everest right on the site. We developed a special 3D map of the mountains and surroundings, overlapping with the ascent route and selected landmarks. The best part is that the relief of the mountains is not just a beautiful video, but the part of the website’s interface! The map has lots of fine details and animations to make the image feel real and alive. The way to the peak is accompanied by voice-overs from the participants sharing their personal experiences. You can choose a key point on the route and the programme will take you right there.

The “Everest Panorama” website has become one of the biggest multimedia projects in the Russian segment of the Internet. It’s received worldwide recognition and has won multiple international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award

We will definitely write a full case study about this awesome project one day. In the meantime, you can climb Mount Everest from the comfort of your sofa. Have a safe journey!



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