26 January 2022

We held a Battle Magic VR tournament at JetStyle!


At JetStyle, VR is not only a job for us but also a favourite entertainment, so we always mass test VR stuff that we make ourselves. It's a nice and useful way to free your mind)

Recently, we hosted an internal tournament for Battle Magic, a new LBE VR shooter that we made for Never Bored. Twenty daredevils playing as Birds, Rodents, Ungulates, and Predators, crossed their magic wands and attacked each other with magic spells to determine the strongest player. As a result, we tested the game, collected feedback, and, most importantly, got a lot of positive emotions. Now we are planning to hold another tournament – this time, for children!

All VR products we make go through this test by the internal team. It is important for us that our rides, games, simulators and websites not only benefit the client but also give pleasure to everyone who decides to get a new experience. 

You can learn more about our XR projects on the JetXR page.

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