31 May 2021

We will discuss how to grow from junior to senior at the Design is Frontend conference


Junior or Senior? If you've ever wondered whether to train a beginner from scratch or hire an experienced professional – the Design is Frontend conference is exactly what you need.

Together with Yandex, AFFINAGE, and EPAM Global, we will talk about how to support the growth and professional development of designers and developers in the company, and organically embed the training process into production.

Our scrum master Artyom Aksenov will speak on the topic "Practical elevator for juniors development." We will discuss:

1. How to integrate newcomers training into production?

2. Pros of hiring “active newbies”.

3. How does the scaling process fit into the development strategy of the company or team?

4. The fruits of labour – why juniors should deliver value for the product and participate in discussions with the client.

5. Seniors and middles – how to make raising juniors important and profitable for them.

See you on June 2 at 6 PM-8 PM (UTC+3) online. You can sign up for the event here (the conference is in Russian).


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