28 July 2021

Life at JetStyle: Welcoming our new colleagues


Ever since the whole world was forced to stay and work from home, everything has changed. A lot. Several times. And it continues to change and adapt to the current reality.

But the need for human communication is only getting stronger, so since March last year, we have been doing weekly Zoom calls with the entire company on Fridays. We discuss the news, chat with each other and have fun (by the way, we will soon tell you what interesting things we have discovered over the year and why we need them).

We also keep growing and hiring new people. Since the beginning of this year, we've got 14 new team members at JetStyle. Unfortunately, now we cannot walk around the office and meet everyone in person. So last week, we hosted an online welcome party for the new employees and a True or False quiz.

We asked the new guys to write three facts about themselves: two true and one false. We put them together into an interactive presentation with a live poll on Menti and tried to guess in real time what was true and what was not. And you know what? Firstly, we learned a lot about each other, and secondly, we laughed for an hour straight)

Worked as a maths tutor, hates e-books, practices fencing, jumped with a parachute, rode a freight train, is a master of sports of Russia in karate or has a belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, changed five cities, saw the Siberian Tiger but didn't meet a bear, studied abroad twice, intended to marry in St. Petersburg – how much do you know about your colleagues? 

We know a lot about ours now! And we are glad to have such talented and diverse people in our team.


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