20 September 2021

JetStyle Autumn Party 2021: How it was


As some of you already know, we have a tradition at JetStyle – every year, in September, we leave our office for a day and head outdoors to spend some quality time as a team.

– Guys, what would you like to change/improve/add to our traditional autumn outing?

– Nah, don't change anything! Let's do it as usual!

– Deal!

And just like that, last weekend, we had everything "as usual":

  • Country club "Sands" – our traditional place for JetStyle's autumn corporate party,

  • a long-awaited meeting with friends and colleagues (and even a live stream from our CEO Alexey Kulakov who was in Poland),

  • paintball tournament,

  • rope trails,

  • pilaf, barbecue al fresco, and mulled wine,

  • brainstorm session

  • and good vibes only 

Here are a few photos from that beautiful day:




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