20 November 2020

We are often asked what the process of creating a digital product looks like at JetStyle?

To answer this question in as much detail as possible, we wrote a new blog post. 

In this post, you will learn about our core competencies, what technology stack we use, what our workflow looks like, and how long it takes to create an MVP. And if after reading this you still have questions – just get in touch! And we will gladly answer all of them.



About us


JetStyle is a full-service digital production company. For over 15 years we have been developing and creating products and services and solving business problems of our clients.


We have four core competencies: UX, development, analytics, marketing. We see all these processes as the tasks of changing the scenarios of people's behaviour for the benefit of the business.


In the process of work, we:

  • create dedicated teams for our clients, set up the processes of analytics, design, marketing and development,

  • together with the clients, we formulate hypotheses and make sure that value is delivered as quickly as possible – with this approach, each release creates a specific observable and measurable benefit.



Specialisation and focus


Lockdown, quarantine and coronavirus have forced many companies to move their business from offline to online and thereby increase their competitive advantage. For some industries (our clients are pharmaceuticals and medicine, Edtech, Foodtech and e-commerce), this crisis has opened up a field of additional opportunities. And we, together with the clients, come up with the ways to take advantage of these opportunities.


We are focused on creating digital products that, from the earliest releases, deliver measurable value to the customer. At the same time, often the first sprints are not development, but something else, for example, bizdev, custdev, hypothesis testing – it all depends on what stage the product is at and what competence the client lacks. It often turns out that it is necessary to set up a development process – we do this too – we use the experience that we gained in the process of creating our own and client products.


We specialise in B2C services and products in the following areas:

  • Edtech

  • pharmaceuticals and medicine

  • e-commerce

  • Foodtech

  • AI

  • VR development



Technology stack


NextJS, ReactJS

Docker Kubernetes Microservices / AWS, Google Cloud, Yandex Cloud, Azure

Golang, NodeJS, RUST, Python: django, aio.http, fast-api

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Clickhouse, Redis, Elasticsearch



Case studies and launched projects


We have a fairly extensive portfolio, and we select case study references for each client.

One of the latest case studies launched due to and during quarantine is a service for conducting online classes for the IQ007 school. This project has already received numerous awards, and we continue to develop it in product logic.

We work with platforms for the Open School and the NTI Contest.

In the pharmaceutical and medical field, we successfully cooperate with companies like Orion Pharma, Servier and “UMMC-Health” Medical Center – we are responsible for the complex development of their digital strategies and products.

We have a partner project – a smart self-publishing service Ridero. And our own product for visualising group thinking – Knowflow.

We also work with startups, including foreign ones. Part of our work is under NDA, but we are always ready to offer a solution for a specific task.


Work format


  • Retainer or T&M

  • we start working with an initial consultation, it is free.

  • development is iterative, by sprints. A typical length for a sprint is 2 weeks.

  • at the end of each sprint, there is a delivered value.


To work on the product, we form a product team from our specialists, for example,

  • Product owner

  • Designer

  • Frontend developer

  • Backend developer

  • Team lead

  • Tester

  • Digital strategist

  • Business analyst

  • DevOps


The MVP launch time starts from 2 months, depending on the required product launch scenario.


After the MVP launches, we work through all the other scenarios. They are also rolled out to production iteratively.


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