28 November 2019

Tagline Awards 2019 Public Voting: Vote for our projects!


Since this week is all about Tagline, there is one more announcement (and a little request).

This Friday, November 29, the best works and the winners of the Tagline Awards 2019 will be announced at the award ceremony in Moscow. And it’s now time for the Public Voting for the projects that we and all our industry colleagues have been working on this year. This is also a great opportunity to see who did what before proper projects' case studies will come out.

Here is what we want to show you this year:

1. Our favourite WebVR site for the White Tower

2. A story about the redesign of personal accounts for Insis services (“Cloud CCTV”, “WiFi Hotspot”, and “Virtual PBX” ), that has become a calling card of the company.  

3. And, along with the personal accounts, a new and convenient CCTV Insis mobile app, which helped the company enter new regions. 

4. We also know how to develop a platform that makes it possible to launch new communities for doctors at minimal cost – we made one for Servier. 

5. Or how to automate everything that can be automated for the annual NTI Contest – a high school student team tech competition that brings together tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students from all over the country. 

6. A beautiful and stylish redesign of the online store of (guess what?) seedlings! 

7. Something about the future – the first-ever app for watching TV in VR for Dom.ru

8. And, of course, our own landing page about the Magic of AR and VR

9. The new design of the Haier online store, which helps customers make the right choice and reflects the image of the company. 

10. The second, improved version of the “UMMC-Health” Medical Center website, (a company we've been working with for a long time). 

11. And, finally, the design concept of a new site for the Polytechnic Museum, based on human curiosity. 

And if you have managed to read this post till the end, please, do us a little favour – click the green button on the links to vote for our projects!

Many thanks in advance!)

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