20 June 2019

JetStyle: City Charity Run for Aistyonok


On June 9th, a City Charity Run was held in Yekaterinburg in order to raise funds for the amazing charitable organisation “Aistyonok”. This organisation helps families with children in difficult life situations. We have been friends with them for many years, and, if you remember, we made a website and a chatbot for “Aistyonok” not long ago. So, when we found out about this event, our team took part in the run without hesitation.

According to the event stats:

33 people ran a special "Mom and child” distance,

52 people chose a 1 km track,

61 people checked their strength on the 5 km distance,

19 people showed their endurance on the 10 km track,

And 28 people paid for participation but chose not to run.

In total, thanks to the charity run, “Aistyonok” managed to raise 189 180 rubles. These funds will be enough for 1.5 months of uninterrupted work of two crisis centers for the temporary residence of mothers with children in difficult life situations.


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