9 March 2018

Alice in WonderJet: Celebrating International Women's Day


When you come to work in the snowy morning and see blooming trees inside. 

When Tweedledee and Tweedledum greet you with flowers.

When the Caterpillar is waiting for you at the entrance and you have to choose what to eat and what to drink.

When The Red Queen wishes you a good morning.

When the kitchen turns into the Futterwacken dance floor.

When you are nearly getting lost in the Mushroom Forest.

When there is a croquet match in your office hallway.

And when you are having the Mad Tea Party at the end of the day…

This is the place where miracles happen. This is our 8th of March.

Welcome to WonderJet!

And follow the White Rabbit!

Thank you to all the men at JetStyle for making this Women’s Day a real fairytale. 

P.S.: Watch it with the sound on!

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