July 12, 2023

Apple Vision Pro Skin Template

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Our co-founder and creative director Alex Markin shares his ideas on the recent demo of Apple Vision Pro. He mentions that Apple proved our guesses about the future surge in user-generated content:

“At JetStyle, we’ve been anticipating that VR180 is to be a core tool for making and preserving memories. It’s much more efficient than 360° video, which delivers low-quality video and includes too many objects in the picture, with the ones you wish to avoid. Apple has implemented VR180 video as well, as it gives users maximum immersiveness and freedom of cinematography.  

With Apple Vision Pro, I expect UGC to spike to unbelievable heights; we’ll see all kinds of genres and formats, as content will become so easy to make. Just push the button on your lightweight headset and you’re good to go. 

One drawback is that the content you made with Apple Vision Pro will be broadcast in VR only. Still, considering the cost of the headset, the audience is going to be limited anyway – at least until the market drops affordable high quality equipment. At that point, Apple Vision Pro will definitely become a popular tool.”

While we’re all waiting for the new VR equipment to enter the market, we’ve something to help pass the time. 

We created a fun sticker template that will turn any VR headset into the much-awaited Apple Vision Pro. Surprise your friends and get ahead of the trends! Download it for free; it’s available for Meta Quest 2. Click the link above!

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