March 20, 2024

Apple Vision Pro App Teaser

The release of the Apple Vision Pro caused a huge buzz among tech enthusiasts and consumers, as happens with most of Apple’s products. JetStyle is always ready to experience the innovation first-hand. 

We got our Apple Vision delivered in the first week after the release, and asked Alex Markin, head of the XR department of JetStyle, to share his first impressions about the headset. We talked about everything: the hardware and software, comfort and fit, the future trajectory of the headset development. Also, Alex teased some information about the apps JetStyle is creating for Apple Vision Pro. Read what he thinks about various aspects of the new gadget: 

Build quality

The build is exquisite and there’s nothing much to add about it. It’s the all-time premium-class quality by Apple. While unpacking the headset, l felt the dread of dropping it on the floor – a sensation any iPhone owner knows too well. 

Headset fastening 

The magnetic attachment between the headset and the Light Seal, the Light Seal and the Cushion is definitely an example of exquisite product design. It feels top-notch and convenient. However, it does take some time and attention to get used to it: you shouldn’t grab the headset by the Light Seal or the Cushion, as it will get detached and the headset will fall. Apple warns about it in the user guide. Among other nuances: 

Light Seal Cushion

I love the choices Apple offers; it’s easy to control the fit and light shielding. The Light Seal Cushion provides a tighter and softer fitting compared to just the Light Seal, and it blocks the sunlight. 

Solo Knit Band

It looks super stylish and innovative, and it’s suitable for multiuser mode, as it’s easier to quickly adjust it to different types of heads. At the same time, I didn’t find it perfect: the band does not distribute the weight on the head, so it’s not going to be my regular choice. 

Dual Loop Band

With the Dual Loop band, the weight of the gadget is distributed more evenly. It’s not the most premium look, but it’s highly personalizable. With Velcro it’s easy to adjust it to the shape of your head. 

The Solo Knit Band and the Dual Loop Band have their pluses and minuses. I’m really looking forward to the famous VR hardware brands releasing new bands that combine the best features of the both. For example, in our VR team, we are big fans of BOBOVR head straps for Quests; I’m sure the guys will come up with a great solution for Apple Vision Pro as well. 

App integration 

In the first few days after we received the headset, we experienced problems with some of the apps. For instance, Zoom on Apple Vision Pro lacked such crucial server-based features as recording. It’s all fixed now. All in all, the experience is incredible, and I’m thrilled to keep experimenting. 


Apple Vision Pro is now a single-user device (at least at the moment of release) with such high-level security features as Optic ID and PIN-code. I enjoyed the automatic interpupillary distance adjustment, it’s much more progressive than what other headsets offer. 

I’m not sure if Apple Vision Pro is going to take the iPad’s course and become a single-user device. It could be that we’ll witness Apple Vision Pro support multi-user mode, after Apple experiments with the limits of security and collects audience feedback. 

What’s coming from JetStyle 

We’ve been waiting for the era of MR to begin, and here it is! We started experimenting with MR features since the Magic Leap headset was out in the market. The newly released Apple Vision Pro has completely changed the landscape of XR: now users will have even more immersive experiences. 

JetStyle is excited to be a part of the XR community, and we wasted no time before developing our own MR apps for Apple Vision Pro. The projects are in full-swinging process now. Let us tell you a bit about what’s coming: 

Our first MR app is going to teach you salsa. How did we come up with this idea? 

Of course, salsa is a social dance, and it makes sense to practice it with real-life people. But before you start actually dancing, it may take you some time to master the basic steps. There are dozens of them, and if you’re not a natural dancer, you may need a few (many for some people!) hours of alone time to drill the steps. That’s what Salsa MR is for. At first, we developed it for Magic Leap and Quest 3; you may read more about it in the case study.

The idea of the app matches the global trend for healthy active living, so obviously we started the porting process as soon as Apple Vision Pro was out. Stay tuned for updates! 

Another project is an app for immersive presentations. 

It started as a Quest 3 XR app, and the porting process requires some fine-tuning. 

This XR solution is ideal for exhibitions. Businesses don’t need expensive demo booths: just some small space and a couple of headsets. The magic happens in VR: you can demonstrate anything in virtual reality, showcase all possibilities and advantages of your product. Lack of space, difficulties in transportation, assembling of the demo spot: all of these problems are not relevant in XR. 

Apple Vision Pro provides even more features for this app. As we port it to AVP, we’re shocked with the high resolution and texture resolution, and the overall quality of the visuals. 

Previously MR gadgets used reflection probes to create a spherical view of the surroundings in a scene. These methods can't create a realistic view, especially if the person wearing the headset is moving and real surroundings do not match the pre-rendered reflection probe. Apple Vision Pro updates the spherical panorama every few seconds, and the result looks incredibly realistic. 


We can’t wait to show our first Apple Vision Pro apps to the community. Follow JetStyle’s communities on Twitter and LinkedIn: we’re going to share info about them there. For our future client projects it means we’ll have already done our rookie mistakes, fixed the common bugs and used the best practices. 

MR is on its way to mass adoption, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets into every household. Your business may join the global trend. This way, you’ll enhance your brand strategy and get closer to our users. Let’s talk about your company in MR:

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