January 29, 2024

Apple Vision Pro Pre-release Thoughts

Free Vision OS Kit

This week Apple starts sales of the much awaited Apple Vision Pro headset. We’re super excited about the new device, and we can’t wait to experiment with developing apps for it. 

We talked with Alex Markin, co-founder and Creative Director at JetStyle’s XR department about the Vision Pro features he’s especially thrilled to try: 

“Apple Vision Pro is going to collect a lot of biometric data: your pulse, movement of the pupils, etc. So your reactions to content in VR is going to be recorded, and I wonder how developers will use this information. There’s huge potential for accessibility features, health tracking, adaptivity of gameplay and content customization. 

Another thing I can’t wait to experience is how Apple figures out hand tracking. The headset does not have a set of controllers. It’s an Apple’s feature – and I love how innovative they are. At the same time, we expect this headset to be awesome for gaming. Generally, VR games require controllers for a full immersive experience. Will we connect Apple’s headset with controllers by other manufacturers, or will we use our iPhones as controllers? We’ll see!” 

What’s your most expected feature of Apple Vision Pro? Share in the comments!

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