April 25, 2024

All about Prioritization

About Prioritization

We’re finally done with our series of reviews of the most popular prioritization techniques. Alexey Kulakov, JetStyle’s CEO and mentor at corporate accelerators, shared his experience of implementing them into new businesses. We’re happy to share the full collection of articles with you, in case you missed them: 

🎯Read about the ABCs of prioritization and its role in product development: link

🎯Learn about Eisenhower matrix and what’s wrong with it: link

🎯The challenges of Theory of Constraints and how it teaches you to be objective about the state of your business: link

🎯Collect the low-hanging fruit of your business flow with RICE technique: link

🎯A simplified variation of Quality Function Deployment, with detailed examples: link

🎯Deal with the risks that can potentially kill your business with the Riskiest Assumption Test framework: link

🎯Alexey’s typology of business architectures. Find out if your business is a pine or an oak: link

As always, we’re ready to answer any questions about product development in the comments. Also, sign up for a free 30-min discovery call where we discuss the ways the product development approach can benefit your business goals. Drop us a line

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