December 21, 2023

JetStyle 2023: Year in Review

It’s time! 

2023 is coming to its end, and it's been great so far! We’d love to use this pre-holiday period to reflect on the best things we’ve managed to accomplish over the year in our three key areas: product development, VR and design for sustainability.

Now, JetStyle’s top 3 events accomplishments in product development in 2023:

1. Our first book about product development by JetStyle’s CEO and co-founder Alexey Kulakov went live on Amazon! It’s a full guide on what product development is, what benefits it provides compared to other development flows, and the first steps to take if you want it to enhance your business. The book is free, just download and enjoy.

2. We launched a landing page that explains our vision of product development in the digital industry. Our latest case studies, frequently asked questions and useful materials on our website.

3. We published our tailor-made unit economics calculator. This tool is irreplaceable for generating marketing hypotheses for future product scaling. Everything you need to know about unit economics and its application in product development is here.


It’s been quite a ride for our XR department! Among our top accomplishments: nomination at one of the most renowned awards in the industry, a global open source initiative, and a successful remastering project. Read more: 

1. We remastered our pioneer VR ride around Amsterdam launched in 2021. Its plot remained unchanged, but the visual part “glowed up”: we created more advanced 3D graphics and VFX. 

Within several months and for a moderate budget our client received a renewed VR experience that will stay relevant for several years ahead. Case study.

2. We submitted  our VR ride around Scheveningen, the Netherlands, to VR Awards and became Finalists in the Location-Based Entertainment of the Year category. It’s incredibly meaningful for our team to be honored by the best of the industry.

3. We launched a free Unity UI Kit for Apple Vision Pro; it’s based on Apple's official Figma UI design kit and available on GitHub.

Now developers can build and test app interfaces in Vision Pro OS right now, using the VR equipment they have; just like Apple Vision Pro Lego for developers. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Hopefully, this tool will be a great headstart for all who want to launch exceptional digital products when Vision Pro is out.  


Finally, here are JetStyle's top achievements in the area of design for sustainability

1. We published our full portfolio with sustainable design projects. It’s a manifesto of JetStyle’s approach towards partnerships in sustainability, and a compilation of our best work throughout the 7 years of our work.

2. Released a case study for The Long Game project. It’s a non-commercial science-based initiative launched by experienced educators and professionals in sustainable development. The goal of the project is to encourage young people to learn the basics of sustainability from their school years; we’re incredibly proud to be design partners of the Long Game.

3. ignitia, our partner and a revolutionary science-based weather forecasting service, has proved its effectiveness in the target climate zone. 

ignitia participated in a project dedicated to enhancing maize production in Ghana, Africa. Crops cultivated with ignitia's weather data were much healthier than the test sample watered and fertilized according to traditional approach. We love collaborating with services that improve the lives of communities they work for. Case study.


That’s it for 2023! It has been a pleasure to share the results of our work with you. Hoping for more awesome projects next year! 

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