January 19, 2024

VR Production & Creativity

Case study

With all our VR rides, we strive to entertain. We keep this goal in mind during the development process, and the cart design is a great example. JetStyle’s 3D artist Ivan Ilin talks about concepting: 

“The cart is a key element of the ride. One of its functions is to take the users through the city. Apart from that, as a visual anchor, it helps them to cope with motion sickness. 

Since the cart is the closest thing the user sees, we wanted it to look detailed and impressive. During the 2.5 minute ride, the cart goes through some remarkable metamorphosis. It squeezes into a narrow space between building walls, becomes a motor boat, or puts out shields to protect users from flying axes. It feels like you’re inside a cinematic transformer! Our biggest challenge was to create smooth and realistic transitions between shapes. We designed and tested dozens of sketches to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and technical requirements. 

There were some technical nuances as well: the cart design had to cover the rear view, have good viewing angles, and take into account the person's position and head movements.”

Some design elements of the cart dashboard were inspired by an awesome vintage radio Ivan found when he visited Sergei Parajanov Museum in Armenia: 

We believe we’ve done our job well! Experience Stockholm in VR if you have a chance.

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