March 21, 2023

Trends in MR

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We’re back with the review of the extended reality technologies. Today we’ll talk about Mixed Reality. The MR market is waiting for an innovative and affordable device capable of providing a truly immersive experience. 

As for now, there isn’t anything like this available for universal use. The picture quality delivered by the existing hardware is often insufficient, and the MR field of view is still very much limited: e.g. the first Magic Leap’s field of view was the size of a post stamp. 

As for today’s hardware inventions, we are amazed at the Passthrough mode that Meta Quest 2 provides. It’s black and white, but it covers the whole field of view, so it brings you closer to what you expect from Mixed reality. 

In 2022, Meta released the Meta Quest Pro headset with a colorful Passthrough and face tracking camera that allows your avatar to show your emotions. The Pro version is more expensive than the usual one, however, it sets the bar higher for developers to finally work on a device that is powerful, comfortable and affordable at the same time. 

When decent MR headsets arrive in the market, we’ll definitely enter a new technological era. Production studios will need to prove the effectiveness of MR in cases and make it a standard practice. By the way, JetStyle is already doing that: we’ve combined the best features of the existing equipment and created a MR app for learning salsa. Read more about how we did this on our website (click the link above).

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