January 24, 2024

Design & Creativity in VR

Case study

Inspiration is everywhere!

We continue sharing details of JetStyle’s VR production process. Art director Konstantin Ostroukhov tells about creativity behind the design of the speedometer:  

“Additionally to its main function of showing speed, the speedometer had to indicate the numerous states of the cart during the ride. Our creative director, a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki, referred to ‘Howl's Moving Castle’ and the indicators that showed us which universe the action took place in. Voila – this concept fitted greatly the ride’s lore! 

The icons are inspired by heraldic stylistics. As always, we find it important to connect our art with the location of the ride, so you could notice the Swedish coat of arms on one of the icons. 

Another design feature worth mentioning is chromeo graphics: we love vintage car logos, so we used this style for the ride’s official logo and typography.” 

We have tons of stories like this, because we believe that these nuances make the VR experience engaging and memorable.

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